Hypothyroid and pregnancy

Hi all

Looking for some advice please

My daughter is 34wks with her first child. I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis (autoimmune thyroid disease)

I've encouraged her to ask midwife for full thyroid function test and thyroid antibodies. Midwife referred her to consultant who said no as it doesn't effect pregnant women.

I know from my own research and thyroid UK and other thyroid websites and Facebook that it does.

Autoimmune diseases often run the the family so I'm concerned for her and the baby. She is getting very short tempered/irritable, tired, sickness (like morning sickness).

I know irritability and tiredness are normal in late pregnancy.

I was wondering if I'm worrying unnecessarily about her thyroid or is common?

Thanks in advance from a first time grandma

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Hi W3ndy,

I don't have any experience with the condition but have a few friends who have it and therefore found it an interesting question. I found some information on a German website on the topic which stated that it is essential to have a regular check of antibodies. They should not be significantly above the norm because otherwise they could transfer to the baby and may in some cases cause a hyperthyroidism. But it was also stated that in most cases the baby just would carry antibodies for a while and nothing further would happen.

It also said that the tendency to develop the disease could or could not be passed on to the child and even if it were, chances are good the child doesn't ever develop it.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, and sorry if you already knew all this. Hope everything goes well for your daughter and grandchild!



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