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Pregnant or not?

Ok so I'm in a relationship with my bf and I'm 19 almost 20, I have no idea what's wrong with me and if I'm pregnant or not...

I've been watching heaps of TV shows "I didn't know I was pregnant" and it's been freaking me out heaps.

- For the past months I have weird periods, so light, always about 2 or 3 days late and they only last a day. Not too much cramping, not bad at all.

- I get more frequent headaches and I randomly get really bad stomach aches! It's so painful, then I go to sleep and wake up and then I'm fine.

- If I eat certain things or too much of one thing I start to feel sick.

My stomach is growing but it isn't hard or anything I use to be a size 12 now I'm like 14-16 which sucks! But it's all in the stomach, could be fat or whatever lol.

- I feel the cold so much more than I use to.

- I have the craziest dreams all the time!

- I'm always tired, if I do nothing all day I seem to be heaps more tired!

- I poo about 5 times a day which I think is crazy! I don't understand. (Sorry tmi)

- My feet and back get so sore from standing all day at my job.

- I'm on the pill and have been for 18months now, I do forget it now and then though.

- my bf does the pull out method, or condoms so this makes me think I couldn't be pregnant..

Well I can't really think of other things but what makes me think I'm not is because I'm getting some sort of period and my stomach is not hard at all, my skin isn't darker and all those obvious things. Anyway I don't understand so if anyone of you have had these symptoms before can you give me your opinions please, I'm desperate! I just don't want to buy a test unless you guys think there is a possibility I am pregnant.

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Go see your doctor.


You can get tests for about £3 now


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