10 months two teeth and standing .....whoah

10 months two teeth and standing .....whoah

Hello lovely ladies and babies and babes in tums.

A update from myself and Louis. Well I'm sad to say I'm no longer breastfeeding I got him to two days before he turned 10 months old and stopped. It took me 3 weeks to wean him off completely. The first bottle took me expressing and 3 hrs of persevering for him to even put it in his mouth! But after a few days and me gently talking him round he gave in..... Hurrah.

Meantime it seems turning 10 months old came with wanting to stand up and cutting two teeth in two weeks. It seems he has developed a love of everything yanking at tables wires....wipes! I'm hiding the sudo

Since moving onto formula he sleeps so much better. I've loved breastfeeding and I'm so proud to get to 10 months and for a whole week I was pining for him but I had to realise that we get our time in a different way now. We did the CC method and after two days he fussed for 5 minutes but went to sleep on his own. He naps once a day for a hour but twenty min naps collecting kids from school etc.

So lovely mamas I'm nearing the first birthday, my it has flown by.

Keep well and speak soon xxxx


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11 Replies

  • What a lovely post, great to hear your news xx

  • Thanks lou42 :-)

  • Ahhh sounds like you have got it down to a tee! At least the teeth came after u stopped breastfeeding! And there is hope of better sleeping on the bottle! I thought once my lo was eating it would help but it hasn't much and he isn't taking to weaning so well ! Now he is up and about he isn't a baby anymore! Moving into toddler stage now! They aren't babies for long are they xx

  • Oh yes I'm glad in that sense. Lol Louis started on solids and still woke up. He used me more for comfort I think but once I got the bottles in sleeps like a dream :-)

  • Louis has such a cute little smile! And it's great to hear how you've got on with weaning him, sounds like you've done a fantastic job :-) X

  • Thanks Hun x

  • Lovely post! I remember we had our babies a week a part and we were both late! my lil girl tuns 10 months next week and she's more keen standing than crawling!plus 4 teeth!

  • Hiya Hun oh wow 4 teeth already Louis is a late starter then. Standing has become more everyday before I know it he's going to start walking then the fun begins x

  • Aww, he looks like a lovely cheeky chappy! It's hard to believe 10 months have gone by already. Joshua will be turning seven months soon and is scaring me by already pulling himself to standing - he especially likes the glass shelves of the tv unit (yikes!!!) time to go shopping for all the safety gear methinks.

    Congratulations on breastfeeding for so long. I already have moments with Joshua messing around instead of feeding and wonder if it is time to stop. No teeth yet, though.

    It's nice to hear people's updates on here. I'll have to post one of my own sometime x

  • Defiantly give us all a update its lovely to hear how we are all getting on. This wasn't around 7 years ago with my son. :-( thankyou it's been a hard journey and one that has tested me but when my husband was at holding baby saying. Look you've done that you've grown that your making him bro it spurs you on. :-)

  • ahh lovely post, its nuts isn't it how time flies, my finley is 8 months on sat, 4 teeth and standing and trying to escape from everywhere, his favourite place the catflap lol. still bfeeding although usually only b4 bed and when he wakes in morning, carry on enjoying ur gorgeous boy xx

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