Weaning advice please

Hi my little one is 8 months old. I have been weaning him for a good few months now and all is going well.

My question really is about milk really he has two 8oz bottles at 7am and 7pm and then he has two 5oz bottles at 11am and then 3pm, I want to try and combine the 11 and 3 to make him drop another feed but I'm a bit lost how to do it. If anyone has any advice I would be very grateful xx

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Hi LC1982,

Does your Lil one like to eat things such as baby porridge ?

If so this is a great way (in my opinion) to ensure he'll continue to get all the goodness from the milk as porridge can be made with any form of milk whether it be formula or breast milk.

If he's not that into porridge you could maybe also try dropping a ounze from his bottle feed during the day & see how he gets on with it as baby sometimes tend to begin taking their bottle feed as a way of comfort more than anything as they become older.



Personally I'd drop the 11am milk and give your LO their lunch (solids) at 11.30-12 and then just give milk at 2-3pm.

I haven't done that yet but thats my plan over the next month or so.

I read that 6-12month olds need a minimum of 21oz a day of formula or breast milk. So you could just drop a feed and not worry about extra milk, as long as your LO is eating solids well x


Drop the morning one baby will probably not miss it either. Give water and lunch then a possible nap. Busing baby will help forget too. :-)


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