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4 month old baby not smiling at people he doesn't know?


My little one is 16 weeks old and seems happy and content will smile for me and my husband etc but just stares blankly at strangers. I know I sound a bit paranoid but all the other children of his age at playgroup are very smiley and laughing and he seems subdued in comparison (yeah I know don't compare your child to others but its hard not too ;) any ideas what I can do to bring him on, or is he just naturally reserved?

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I should not worry if he wants to smile at someone he will.

You could try saying hi with him so if he is looking at someone say to him 'smile say hi'

but I really would not worry he will it in his own time x

He obviously knows they are strangers my lo won't straight away stares intently some people then may get a smile some don't...ur lo is selective at who he smiles at I wouldn't worry too much x


Is there a way he can watch you smile and say hello to strangers, and then perhaps, over time, mimic your behaviour when he sees what you're doing? If he's new to the group, or perhaps hasn't had as much interaction as some of the other babies (for example, if they've got large families), that could be why he's a bit more reserved?

However, I don't think it's a problem - try not to worry, I'm sure he'll be smiling away at everybody soon! :-) X

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Your right I never really noticed before, my Lo is always facing away from me when we meet people or in his car seat, I will try to include him more. And yes he is an only child, all the other children have siblings. Cheers for that :)


My son is a few months older but he's the same. Some strangers get a smile, others get stared at lol. I'm quite happy for him to be able to differentiate between people he knows or I interact with, and people he doesn't know that are strangers to us. Don't worry about it :-)

They all reach their milestones in their own good time.

I have a 7.5 month old and we were at our tatty bumpkin group this morning, my little man is sitting, crawling, pulling himself up, cruising furniture and I recon will be am early walker but many in his age group are still immobile. He waves hi & bye and gives hi-fives, all the other mums Cooo over him, he commands their attention!! Haha.

He's he has no teeth, other much younger have them and others loved food were as this is an area he struggles with.

Treat your little one as an individual and he will do everything when he's ready :-) X

Perfectly normal hun so do not worry. It is good thing most likely. Atleast he has that "stranger danger" from a young age. It is more natural for kids to smile at familiar faces rather than everyone. As they are happy to see that familiar face :) x

Thanks so much for the replies ladies they really helped. I know I should just relax and let him reach his milestones in his own good time but he had some complications at birth which have left me anxious. Plus the health visitor and Dr are also on the look out for signs of a problem so very time they see him it feels like a test he must pass. Maybe I just need to smile and laugh a bit more myself. :D

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