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Pregnant after a miscarriage?

Hi, I think I may be pregnant, I am sleeping 14 hours a day and swing between feeling sick and starving. My boobs haven't changed and I bled lightly two months ago but that's it. I also just had white discharge when it is usually clear. I am to scared to take a test as I got pregnant last year and miscarried at 11 weeks and 5 days. I want to know If this sounds like I'm pregnant so I feel more confident taking a test. Thanks.

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From what your saying it seems like your pregnant if your last period was 2month ago take a test and see what happens from there if not see your gp


Don't be scared. I know you will be constantly thinking about your previous experience of being pregnant but they are all different trust me. My 3rd pregnancy was a mc then I conceived again and I was so paranoid of bleeding it wrecked my pregnancy.


Hey! It sounds like a possibility. But its always better to know if you are pregnant. You can cut out the bad stuff and try to take it easy. I had 4 miscarriages all before 12 weeks. Before falling pregnant with my daughter. Now 8 days away from giving birth to my son! Miscarriage is a hard one to deal with but stay strong. If you find out now you can get on the folic acid and make sure you are treating your body right! Make sure you sre getting all your vitamins and avoidstress. Good luck!


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