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My baby is due in 5 weeks, my midwife has been telling me for months that his head is engaged but then yesterday she said she thinks he is breech!! I am due back in 2 weeks where she said she will feel again and send me for a scan to confirm if she can't tell. I'm a little worried as turning him looks painful and after having my other 2 children naturally a c section sounds a little daunting! I'm also unsure on what to think if she tells me he's engaged again as I'm not sure she actually knows what she is doing, could I just ask for a scan anyway? If he is breech what steps would you recommend?

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Personally I would ring ur consultants secretary and ask to be seen in clinic say u feel u have lost ur faith in the midwife and are now worried they should make u an app. .. my friend was told head was down all the way she went into labour one midwife at the hosp said it was breech...a dr said it wasn't then she had an internal by another midwife and then scanned and rushed off for a section it was breech! There is no harm in asking for a second opinion now rather than them leaving it another two weeks and still being breech and decisions being made when u can get the ball rolling now x and don't feel bad this is ur baby people make mistakes there is no harm in taking action urself x

I was told my first was breech at about 36 weeks, so sent for a scan, she was head down! You should ask for a second opinion and have a scan sooner rather than later. Although as it's your third they might say your muscles are more relaxed so baby might still turn themselves. might help with turning baby. Or I did a hypnobirthing course and when I told my teacher the midwife had said baby was breech, she said she has a script for turning breech babies, which is less painful and more successful than physically turning them, as you are really relaxed - might be worth looking into.

Hope scan shows the midwife was wrong.

My little boy who is now 6 months was breech and they didn't discover it until i was a day overdue! I was sent for a scan to confirm it after the midwife had examined me, I'm sure they should send you for.a scan if there is any doubt. I was offered an external cephalic version where your stomach is essentially very firmly kneaded to try and get baby into the head down position. Yes, it is somewhat uncomfortable but it is also more successful the earlier the breech position is discovered.Unfortunately, it didn't work for me and i ended up having a c-section, my little boy was quite big (9lb 2oz!) and had no room left to turn. At least if you do end up having a caesarean then it is the safest way to deliver if baby does remain breech. Hope that helps and best of luck!

Thanks for replies, my mom insists on coming to next midwife appointment with me and telling them I want a scan. She is far more vocal than I am so I'm sure I will get a definite answer as to which way up he is. Fingers crossed he's doing as he should. I have also picked up a few tips on turning baby naturally online so will give them a go in the meantime.

Thanks Emily, my last baby was 9lb 3.5 and I'm told this one is going to be a big boy also. At 31 weeks he was said to be 4lb on a 4d scan I had so I don't have much hope in them successfully turning him if he is breech.

I don't know if this will help at all. When i was 4 weeks before my due date i was informed my little boy was breech. After having 2 previous c.sections the midwife trying to turn him wasn't an option. The midwife suggested going down on my hands and knees and rocking my hips from side to side for 20 minutes in the morning and the same in the evening. I did this religiously for a week until i had to return for another scan. When she did the scan my little boy had turned and was in the head down position. It's worth a try x

If you are not due for another 5 weeks i really would not worry about baby position for now. It does not really become a concern til you hit 36/37 weeks as baby still has plenty of room to move. Both my pregnancies they suspected my girls were breech, when i went for scans at 37 weeks they were head down but not engaged.

LO can also be engaged then disengage again so theres no need to worry hun. Both pregnancies my girls just seemed to be back to back with me so were easily mistaken as being breech babies.

As the other ladies suggested, it is worth trying positions to naturally turn baby. If your midwife has any doubt she will book u in for a scan xx

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