Have had fertility tests and conceived naturally but miscarried at 5 weeks this Easter!

Hello all

I just wondered if anyone knew if you can get pregnant easily again if you have naturally conceived before after having a dye test done in the fertility clinic.

basically my husband and I haven't been able to get pregnant even though trying for 5 years, so the GP referred us to the fertility clinic last Dec, and we had tests done my husband is fine it seems to be me. I am 36, do have some small fibroids and possible tilted uterus but at least one of my tubes looks clear. Was a real shock last week to find out i was pregnant, but after finding out on the Wednesday night I then miscarried on the Friday morning.

Our consultant has me down on waiting list for laparoscopy surgery, does anyone think I will still need this now that I got pregnant naturally? I am so worried that if I do have the surgery could this adversely affect me maybe conceiving naturally again.

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I'm really sorry to hear that, Have u been taking pregnacare some vitamins really help with fertility and look into asprin as well.... The fact u had the dye and fell pregnant is fantastic they say it usually helps. .. so pls try to stay positive about it have u been looked after by gynaecology Dept at ur local hosp? X


thank you for replying, yes I have been taking pregnacare conception tablets whilst ttc. I haven't be able to speak with my gynaecology department yet but I am going to call them tomorrow to be able to talk to my lead consultant for my case, and try and get an appointment with her to discuss what has happened and what we need to do next.


hi do you know is it normal for me to still be feeling a bit queasy and having lower backache after early miscarriage bleeding has stopped?


Not sure to be honest have they confirmed a miscarriage. .. If some fetal tissue is left behind u can still have pregnancy symptoms and may need a d and c x


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