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Could I be pregnant even with a negative test and what seems like my period? Or is it just my period?

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I really thought I was pregnant. I had the symptoms..but something doesn't seem right.

A few days ago:

-I had discharge that went back and forth from clear to white creamy type for 2 weeks with mild period cramps (about a week after unprotected sex and I've never had cramps this early before expected period)

-then about 2 days ago it turned pinkish to brown with small blood streaks/spots then to bright small amount of blood (all in one day)

-the next day I had severe cramps and I felt nauseous. It was fairly heavy amount of blood with A LOT of clots and these long stretchy kind of clots (I don't know what it was). That continued all day. The cramps settled after a while.

-today the bleeding is no where near heavy and still a LOT of clots but not so much the long clots. I still have mild cramps here and there and still feel a bit nauseous.

I took a pregnancy test today (about 3/4 weeks after sex) and it came up negative (I plan to take another next week), but I still have this feeling that I could be pregnant..or is all this my period? This should be the time I would start.. I've read too much into this on sites and said I could be pregnant.

I've had the stretchy clots and really bad cramps before with my period but it's been a very long time since this combination, but I've never felt this nauseous through out.

I need advice before I can even see a doctor.

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From your description of your heavy period, combined with a negative pregnancy test, I'd say it's unlikely.

Despite having unprotected sex, you have have a negative test and period like symptoms which would suggest pregnancy being unlikely. As you have hinted in other threads, you have heard of "breakthrough bleeding" which happens when the fertilised egg implants in to the wall of the womb and I'm guessing this is your concern. The way to rule this out is to test again in a few days, first thing in the morning. If you get a 2nd negative I'd say that it would be highly unlikely you are pregnant. A lot of early pregnancy symptoms are similar to the ones you get just before your period, and it's easy to confuse the two.

Hope that helps :)

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Thank you. It does help and that's the bleeding I've been reading about! They even said they've got negatives and periods but still ended up pregnant.

But whats odd now is that I still feel nauseous all the time and has cramps here and there..which has never happened before on my period. They usually go away the first day. And it's a fairly light period now and compared to the heavy a few days ago. Maybe I'm just paranoid and scared that I'm making myself feel/think I am.

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Hi Im not sure if I'm pregnant but my period has been 11days late, and 3 days ago I started bleeding an I still am to this day. So could it be my period or what. I have taken tests but are negative. Help me out! I'm clueless

You can always test again to check, when I was pregnant the first time I got a very faint line when I tested on the day of my missed period, my 2nd pregnancy I tested 2 days after my missed period mid evening and got a really strong positive.

Honestly, if you've had strong cramps and several days of bleeding I'd think pregnancy was unlikely. But a second test in a few days wouldn't do any harm.

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I have to know because I'm in same situation now, were you pregnant?

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Hey I'm actually in this situation right now... Did you ever find out if you were pregnant?

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heya, in same situation, except I've had symptoms for 3 weeks, and stopped my pill because of it- what I'm having now is a quite late (4 days later than usual) withdrawal bleed. Anyone on here actually preggers?

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Hi what was your outcome? I'm in same situation

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im in a similar situation, what was your outcome?

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I have the same too.. I had 4 light period already and I used 11pt's, they are all negative, but still I have symptoms of pregnancy.

Did you find out the results?

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