I am 19yrs old had a Mc December20 my periods came bk like normal. Last time i had my period was the 21 of febuary 2014 suppose to have my period on the 22nd of march but no sign am now 8 days late two pregnancy test neg did i take it too early

Should I wait to test again. Has this happen to anyone else? My periods are reg always on time


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  • Hi. I've had this happen to me twice, the first time in 2012 and a later pregnancy test confirmed I was pregnant but unfortunately we miscarried later. The second time it happened in 2013 and I never got a positive test-i was told that processes may have started but something gone wrong before egg embedded. Fingers crossed for you! We went on to fall pregnant the following month and have a beautiful healthy girl. Either way way it definately sounds like your body is gearing up for pregnancy !

  • Wait another week and test again. The tests u used... were they cheapy tests? Im not being derogatory its just that the result can be very faintly positive and can be mistaken as a negative. Try a clearblue as it will tell u in words Yes or No. And always test first wee in the morning to allow the hcg to be at its highest concentration. Good luck xx

  • I used the quick pregtest its 20$tt the second cheapest test. Today is the last day of the month and still no sign of aunty flow. Am worri3d yet excited that i can be pregnant. Should i go see a doc if i test again and its negative?

  • I would go gp if no period and neg tests as u would want reassurances that there's nothing more sinister going on. Hope u get answers soon as to why ur so late and fingers crossed for pregnancy, especially if ur already excited xx

  • I bought a next test gonna take it early in the morning. So I took the test this mornig and its negative -_-

  • Hi ive got 2 kids and am pregnant with my 3rd and all 3 didnt show on a test umtil 5weeks some women dnt produce enough hcg hormone for it to show till then keep testing every week till u get a positive or period

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