Safest way to prepare bottle feeds?

I've heard so many different ways of how to prepare bottles. The method I am using at the moment is, I sterilise everything using a Milton cold water steriliser. Then I boil the kettle and fill the bottles with the water. I then leave them on my counter top and add the formula as and when my baby is due a feed. I don't heat the bottles up, I just serve it at room temp. Other people have said to make up the feeds including formula and keep them in the fridge then heat up in the microwave when needed, but I'm worried about "hot spots". I've also just read an nhs leaflet that says not to make up the formula with cold water as it doesn't kill potential bacteria that maybe in the formula.

What method is best and easiest? Thanks!

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Yes apparently water has to be hot over 75 to kill any bacteria in formula....I used to make them up let them cool a bit and then put in fridge and keep for 24 hours never had any upset tummys xx

Ok, I'll do that. He's been struggling with wind so maybe he has a little tummy bug. Do you heat them up before feeds? I've also heard that seeing it straight from he fridge is a no no too! x

I always used boiled water, I don't boil the kettle every time, it's just not practical! Just add water and powder, shake and microwave and shake for a few mins to remove hot spots. He is 8 months old never had a tummy bug and only one mild cold! The main thing is that bottles are very thoroughly washed and sterilized when baby is young!

Baby's wind is unlikely to be a bug. If it was he would be vomiting with diarrhoea! If he struggles with wind try infacol :) xx

I have done it ur way too and never had any problem... and i was wary about using a microwave at first but as longas ushake well ive never had a problem but u can stand in jug of boiling water for fewminutes...Have u tried the comfort milk it's for babys struggle with wind contains less lactose i it to see what u think..may help little one. .. and I made up all my feeds for the 24 hour period... When u have sterilsed bottles they are sterile For 24 hours x

I use cold water sterilisation with Milton too; I tend to make up 4 bottles at a time; boil the kettle (fresh water each time) then mix it with the formula. Immediately cool it down in a sink of cold water then put them in the fridge till needed. I used to warm it up by placing the bottle into a jug of boiled water, but I've been giving it a quick blast in the microwave (usually about 20 seconds for a 210ml / 7oz mix) which will take the chill of it. As long as you give it a 'really' good shake, there is nothing wrong with microwaving it as any hotspots will disperse. You shouldn't leave the water longer than 30 minutes before mixing it with the formula.

I personally wouldn't make it up with cold water even if you were to heat it up before hand.

Hi my little man really suffered with wind and we ended up with colic. I now use the doctor browns bottles to help with the wind and infacol it really works. I sterilise the bottles and then boil the kettle and fill a flask (bought new for this purpose so clean) then I fill the feeding bottle when required with v hot water and put the powder in at that point.

The formula powder isn't sterile as it's lid is being open and shut and it's the hot water which sterilises and kills the bacteria. If you use water that is cool whether it is sterile or not it won't do the job of sterilising the powder.

I then pop it in a jug with cold water to bring the temperature down or run it under the tap if I need it quickly.

I just take the flask up to bed with the formula and bottles to make the night shift easy.

Good luck xxx

I now have a 12 wo lb and 2 girls, 3 & 4. I have always done theirs the same and had no issues. Sterilized well and used boiling water then formula. Have kept some in the fridge no longer than 12 hrs max and heated in jug of water or bottle warmer. They have always been fine and never suffered with trapped wind etc....always rubbed their backs in a circular or up and down motion especially around their sides. The only thing I've defo stuck with is to dispose of after 2 hrs in room temp. During the night I have used a thermos flask of hot water. Good luck hun :) xx

Hey :) I've got a tommee tippee perfect prep machine that makes the bottle in 2 mins at body temp so I have no need to make up feeds and keep in the fridge etc.... I just make as required so much more easier and if you can afford £60 it's definitely an investment as il probably use it for a year :) so worth every penny especially if you still do a night feed luckily I don't anymore x

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