Green poo?

Hello ladies, my Alice is almost 5 weeks now, time flies by! We are breast feeding exclusively and are pretty good at it I'd say! For the last couple of days I noticed small bits of green mucus in her otherwise mustard yellow poo. She's happy and feeds well, plenty of wet and dirty nappies. The only thing is blocked nose, but nothing major. Any ideas of what could cause it?

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My LO also has green poo. He is 6 months old and is formula fed. He is on c&g stage 3.

To my knowledge its normal for a breastfed baby to produce greenish / sometimes yellowish poos. Im not completely sure of the cause but i think its probably some of the extracts of the fluid they may have swallowed when in the womb.


if you're worried about this you may have been given the telephone contact No. for your health visitor or community midwife so you can ask their advise.


As far as im aware, the greeny bits are the waste bits from foremilk taken at every feed and the yellowy bits are from the hindmilk which is more fatty. Sounds like alice is perfectly healthy x

Perfectly normal I'd say! We had a couple of days of green poo and my HV told me it goes green if it's been in the gut a bit longer than normal. We had trouble with wind so digestive issues made sense to me! Iv also heard that poo can be more mucusy if they have a cold so I wouldn't worry about it at all x

And to throw some other things in the mix, my midwife told me it wasa sign my lo was over feeding, hv said it happens when baby has a temporary lactose intolerance (transferred from our diet via our milk). Hmm, the usual plethora of conflicting theories surrounding child rearing. I'd agree with the link between colds and mucus in poos.

Sounds like the snotty mucus is coming out in the poop. Happens to Louis everytime he has a wee cold. It will pass. :-) this is an article about green poos!! It pretty much says everyone's right!

we had that too but for my LO she also screamed alot was in pain alot and was diagnosed with CMPA (milk allergy). Depends on the frequency and otehr symptoms as to whether you worry, but based on what you say - nope.

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