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Im pretty sure I have Hyperemis but my doctor and midwife dont seem bothered, what should I do?

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i am ten wks, been violently ill since 6w. i vomit 5 times a day, projectile, and feel thirsty, disoriented, majorly depressed, regretting getting pg. my mum had same symps with me, lasted 4 months. i've lost 7lbs. i'm losing hope that i can continue with this pregnancy. no doctor or midwife is taking me seriously. help please.

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Oh- no :(

How many times have u approached your G.p about this matter? ,also have you being given the contact details I.E telephone No. of a community midwife yet?

The only & best advise I can give you is to try & get an appointment to see your G.P. A.S.A.P & demand to listened to or at least for someone to acknowledge what you're going through.

At times I do believe health professionals do try to do the best job they can but most of the time also just need a firm kick up the backside.


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i know, and i wish i was more assertive but i hate telling highly qualified people how to do their job when really they should already know! it just seems like they could not care less.

I had same prob and I think they thought as it was early wud go away I got so pissed off on the end I just left it which was stupid of me..the sickness lasted the whole time and I dropped 2 dress sizes after birth although since giving birth I can eat I hav taken full advantage lol. U just need to pester them or tell them u cnt keep fluids down..I kno its a lie but they wont want u to dehydtate so they might do something xx

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that's what my partner keeps saying but every time i see a different doctor and say i think i'm getting dehydrated, they say 'oh your urine looks OK'. I'm like, I don't bleeding care what my urine looks like, I know this isn't right!! GRRRR. I'm going to talk to my midwife again on Thurs when I am due to give my blood samples, and tell her straight, if she can't help me then I just might have to end this pregnancy because I cannot feel like death for 4-6 months, i just can't. Maybe that'll get her attention!!! Thanks for responding.

Not good especially when no one is listening... The fact ur losing weight and how rubbish ur feeling they need to listen... Can u see another g.p in the practice? Failing that... I'd ring ur hosp and speak to ur consultants secetary and explain things and sayu didn't know who else to turn to as no one is listening. I hope u get this sorted out so many women now take meds to help with sickness now. .. my friend did and she actually wasn't sick but felt so sick she was struggling x

thanks, lovely ladies. i have just got back from seeing an out of hours doctor at the hospital, as i'm just so fed up with my local practice. he tested my urine, and there were no 'ketones' which means that i'm not in ketosis, which is obviously serious. he said i may have a slight UTI and would need to send a sample to the lab via my local practice to check for sure. i almost screamed when he said 'it might be the UTI making you nauseous, not the pregnancy at all'. OMG! I think I know the difference between UTI symptoms, and HG.. *grrrr*. What is it with the misinformation among GPs about this condition in this country? Do you have to be Kate bleeding Middleton to get taken seriously and given an IV drip? I even said, 'So, you don't think i'm ill enough to have an drip' and he said 'Oh no, no' and gave me some motillium (which i know in advance will not help, have tried it before), and said 'eat little and often and try to take in as much fluid as possible'. Great I just spent £20 in taxi fare going to the hospital to get something i already knew, and which isn't even helpful.

I've been chatting to some American women on some pregnancy boards and they have been prescribed Zofran which is a chemo anti-sickness med. But i know we stand no chance of getting it here, and i'm really starting to believe the health care professionals i've seen do not care. *frustrating*. thank you for your kind words though, it means a lot.

Blimey the Americans don't do things by halves! Here the first thing I think they give u an antihistamine but it is a specific one. .. ur not really supposed to take them if ur pregnant usually. ... but don't give up yet try and see another g.p in ur practice if u can x

i know they've been saying it's a godsend, makes it worse knowing there is something out there that would help but i cannot get it in this country :( typical GB efficiency!!

Could ask your MW if there is an HE specialist at your Trust, & ask for referral. Or could contact them directly and ask the same. Their website will probably have a 'contact us' link or at least a phone number.

i live in a fairly small town and get the feeling there arent too many 'specialists' of any kind here (most people have to go to larger town to see one that i know!) but i will try for sure, and maybe even go private if i have to. thank you!!

Hi, I'm sorry yr feeling so bad:( I also lost loads of weight, during the 1st 4-5month of pregnancy. After the nausea & vommitting started about wk 5-6 the vomitting continued regularly throughout the day, so I was sick 2-3 times before going to work, couldn't keep b'fast (or dry biscuits everyone recommends) then was sick cleaning my teeth I did it 2/3 times b4 left house. I drove 40mins to work, so sick bags (2carrier bags) on the passenger seat. Then pulled over if needed to be sick or when got nose bleed (which came often too). I'd float around at work (feeling dizzy, warmth, food & funny smells made me sick too. i was so dehydrated, i could only sipping cold water till tried eat cereal or toast about 10am). Even them had to tell work how sick I was but couldn't afford the sick leave off, just needed to be on cool area & nr toilet (so could run to it as needed). People even asked what weihht loss diet i was on as looked good!! they wer embarrassed when I said the 'pregnancy diet'. so it was also a v challenging & an interesting time for me too till 5-6 months:( but then I vommitted less & if I ate after 10am & made myself snack every hour or so (putting cereal bars in my pocket) & drinking cold water, I generally coped better to the end. Now of course post birth my appetite & weight is back:/ I just hope u find some coping strategies like I did that work for u. It does make work & life difficult. I just prepared myself & took sick bags everywhere & drank little & often through the day, despite feeling drunk (through bad dehydration & prob. Low sugar levels). Can I insist u go to another gp (they hv to let u c another doctor) & get strong anti sickness meds, tablets or injection. Even ask them to check yr electrolyte levels (u&e's) to c how dehydrated u r, which may pursuade them to put u on an iv drip (if clinically dehydrated). I know its horrible, so Good luck;)

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thank you! you are my hero for coping with it at work. i had to lose a contract job already because of this. i could have got signed off sick, but the thought of having to go to my doctor every week was bad. luckily my partner is earning, so that's not too much of a worry, but i can feel my mental health deteriorating. i was in a bad way last night saying 'let me die, please god'. i know you know how it feels. thank you for sharing your experience and coping strategies. right now cream crackers and cream cheese are the only things i can somewhat keep down, and really cold capri suns lol. at least it's some nourishment, i really don't want to get into ketosis. i know about electrolytes getting low, and i will demand that is checked at my next midwife/doc appointment. thank you!! xxx


i had hyperemis and it sounds very like what i had.. i had to go to the doctor and everytime i went they checked my urine for k-tones..i didnt have many to begin with but i was going through what you were going through, i couldnt eat anything (sometimes could keep down watery chicken noodle soup) but i had to keep drinking and evenually i couldnt do that either and it began to scare me and i went to the doctors as i was bent over with pain from the sickness and they checked me and i had alot of k-tones and i had to get admitted to hospital and i was given sickness injections and i was still being sick with them and they put me on a few drips.. i started being able to eat cornflakes and milk and just began to eat little but often after that.. it started to pass when i hit 13 weeks and it just stopped suddenly... hope this helps.

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nibble on ginger biscuits.. they helped.

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my mum said chicken soup too as it's full of electrolytes, but i have a major aversion towards it for some reason. i normally eat it all the time!!! we're jewish and it's considered jewish penicillan - cures everything lol - but i just cant stomach it. I'm glad your case was taken seriously, and i wonder if that helped it pass sooner at 13 weeks, or if it would have gone on it's own? impossible to know i spose. that does give me some hope that i might only have 3 more weeks of it though. *praying*. thank you for sharing hon xxx

I can very well empathise with your situation. I had severe sickness and strong food aversions until 16 weeks. Thankfully I was monitored by a consultant in the early pregnancy unit due to two previous miscarriages and when I complained about not being able to keep anything down he put me on cyclizine for nausea and also advised that I could get fluids as an outpatient subject to GP referral. Thankfully it worked. He was a good doctor and I really miss being looked after him in my ante natal care.

It is really ironic though that Kate Middleton can get IV due to severe morning sickness and advised to rest whilst we are told its part of pregnancy and we should cope with it!

I saw a doctor as part of my ante natal at 15 weeks and complained about the dizziness and weakness, I was told it's just 15 weeks and I need to cope with it for another 25 weeks and it's not much that she could do!

Do push back and let us know how you get on.... Hope this is helpful.

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hiya, thanks for responding!! sorry you had it it too, but glad you had a specialist/champion looking out for you. it makes such a difference. i know my GP is overworked and so is midwife, and they just treat everyone as a problem to be solved as quickly as possible without really looking into what is going on. i'm seriously considering going private but that's going to be a major strain on finances when we're trying to save for the baby. but hell, health is more important, right?! the kate middleton thing really gets my goat - doctors should at least recognise that if she could succumb to it us mere mortals get it too, but you're right, we just get the eye-roll, 'well, you are pregnant', and it's so damn condescending. even from women doctors i've had this!!! anyway, i will try to be more assertive and vocal about what's going on, it's hard for me as it's not in my nature and i do get intimidated by doctors, but i'll try to stand my ground. my health and the little thing growing inside me's health is too important to be fobbed off. i will def keep you posted. thank you again for the moral support!!!!


Hope you feel better soon. I'm 18 weeks an I have been diagnosed with hypermesis and it wasn't easy GPS ignored me said it would get better after 12 weeks blah blah and ok they was right but I lost 3 stone and was sick every second of ever day, I couldn't move or I'd be sick I lost my job I couldn't walk, couldn't think, I was even being sick in my sleep, I was so bad I couldn't make it to the gp because I couldn't walk so the gp came to the house and still wouldn't give me nothing, then one day I took myself to A an E I was sick walking along the road projectile vomiting as I walked and by this point I hadnt eaten in about 5 weeks, I refused to move and refused to take advice from anyone who hadn't been pregnant themselves (seems a bit harsh but by this point I wanted to die so I didn't care) eventually they gave me tablets called buccastem and they are amazing you can buy them over the counter but there expensive so go bk to your gp and refuse to take no for an answer, I'm still on the tablets and I'm sick prob about 7 -8 times a day which is better than every second of the day and I can eat now, you need to make them listen, I never got put on a drip and my midwife still trys to get me to stop taking the tablets but I even if I'm late taking one im really Ill. Refuse to be fobbed off they might be qualifed but only you no how you feel.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon x

ohhhh thank you so much for responding and for the tip to get buccastem. i have just placed 2 separate orders for some from online pharmacies. i realise it does cross the placenta, so i'm aware of the risks, but i'm pretty sure at this stage the benefits will outweigh them, especially reading your story! sounds like an absolute nightmare hon! i think if i had continued to not eat at all i would be in the same boat, but my fiance has literally been forcing food and liquid down me, so even if i bring it up again i have managed to absorb some sustenance. i know what you mean about not even being able to get to the doctor. i had to walk to the surgery today to drop off a urine sample to get tested for UTI, and even though it was cold and raining, I almost fainted from being overheated by the time i got to the surgery. then of course there was a line, and a surly receptionist to greet me. ugh. i have to give my bloods on thursday for the usual screening, and i already get faint giving blood when i'm not pg and ill, so i'm really not looking forward to it. i'm tempted to cancel till i feel better. maybe i will. i know i don't have any STIs so it's just the downs screening that I really need to get and my rhesus status. maybe i'll tell her just take enough blood for those two and forget the rest. i need my blood right now!!! i'm glad you are nearly at the halfway point and are finally getting some relief. thank you again for the tip, i will let you know how i get on, but given that i do suffer from migraines from nausea normally when not pg, i have a feeling this will really do the trick for me. thank you thank you thank you xoxoxoxoxo

It sounds awful but it's just bad morning sickness I had HG and was throwing up over 20 times a day that's why they check your ketones because that's when your body is not getting enough food and water it starts to break down your own fats to feed itself this is the only time they can do anything, there will be no point putting you on a drip when you are not dehydrated and the tablets are not recommendable while you are pregnant so they will only prescribe them if you are going to be worse off without them. It's hard work but you have to just keep going it will pass I'm now only throwing up 3 times a day but have learnt to cope with it! It will be worth it in the end! Just make sure you try and sip water regularly (icy water is the best!) good luck and do t panic too much the reason you are losing weight is because baby is taking everything out of you they suck all the good out, they won't start to be concerned until you lose over a certain percentage of your body weight as weight loss is natural in early pregnancy. X

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thanks, gosh to think it could be any worse is really mindblowing. us poor girls!!! i am ust nibbling on crackers and sipping diorolyte which is actually helping. feel like a car hit me this morning, so tired. scan in 12 days, so im just marking off the days till then.

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