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Waters broken 38+5 but no contractions yet


Hi everyone, my waters went sunday evening about 6pm, lots of trickling, went to hospital and midwife agreed they had gone. Ive had no other signs of labour yet and have got till 6pm tonight to be having regular contractions to have the baby in the birthing centre or I've been booked in at 8.30am tuesday to be induced on labour ward.

Has anyone else had similar? And what can i do to start these contractions because i would much rather be in birthing centre without induced :(

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Aww how exciting. Keep active, walking bouncing etc xx good luckhope tthings get going for you naturally :-D xx

Same happened to me. Waters broke no contractions and I am sorry to say I had to be induced 2 days later, and ended up having to have a hormone drip too. It did mean I wasn't in labour for a lengthy time, but it was a long process getting there! Good luck hope all goes well x

Hello, same happened to me at 41 weeks. Best advice is to walk, and use a yoga ball. I had sone contractions but still got induced cause not strong enough. It s that bad and you forget about it once you see your beautiful baby. Relax and keep active. Goodluck and congrats ;)

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Ooops meant it wasn't that bad :)

I had the same. Waters went at 36+6 but no contractions and my LO's head wasn't even engaged! Kept me in overnight then induced me; had to have 2 pessaries but thankfully no drip. They were uncomfortable but you forget all about it, and at the end of the day if it's the best thing for baby it's got to be done. Active labour was only 5 1/2 hours - relatively quick for my first so that was a bonus :) and now he's 15 weeks and I have no idea where the time has gone!

Good luck and enjoy every moment when your LO arrives x

Good luck not long to go now , get ready to meet your little bubba and stay active as much as possible hopefully you can bring those contractions

Same thing happened to me and I was induced with a drip. If you would like to have an epidural you don't need to wait till you're 4cm dilated when you're on the drip. Just a tip. The birth would be imminent once the drip begins to take effect. This happened with me and they gave me an epidural immediately after the drip was working and I didn't feel a single contraction. It was heaven and a much easier birth x

You could try nipple stimulation to get labour going - sounds a bit odd but it can work especially if your body is ready to go into labour. The idea is that creating the sensation of the suckling a newborn does you are going to cause a release of oxytocin which is the same hormone which stimulates contractions(also released during sex but that option isn't open to you with your waters having gone and nipple stimulation seems to be more successful anyway if done over a period of time. You can look up the technique online. It definitely worked for me when my last labour wouldn't get going. As people have said though the induction might not be too troublesome as your body is already close to being ready but then remember that no-one can induce you without your consent (that would be assault!) - if you feel unhappy about the idea you might want to look into the increase in the risk of infection given that you have been 'allowed' 24 hrs but other units will 'allow' 48hrs or up to 72hrs... One of the main increases in risk in cases of premature rupture of membranes is having vaginal examinations so if you decide to wait longer I would insist that no-one does a VE. Best wishes for whatever you decide. x

Thanks for all your replies, nothing has happened yet, when you all went through the same thing did u carry on feeling your waters during next week, i don't think I've had any leaking today, have had pad in all day and haven't noticed anything major anyway? I just keep thinking I'm going to go in tomorrow and they say they were wrong and the waters hadn't broken yesterday or something! X

Bit late to reply I guess but if your baby is engaged in the pelvis and especially whilst you are upright the baby's head can 'plug' the water behind the head so it could be that what you have seen so far is the 'bubble' of water which was coming before the baby's head which they sometimes call the fore-waters. I really hope things have kicked off for you by themselves, but anyway all the best for meeting your little one. x

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