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Losing weight in pregnancy?

Should I be worried that I've lost weight whilst pregnant?, I'm 16 weeks and 5 days, so round 4 months, I put on so much at the start that I was 10 and a half stone now I'm down to 9 stone something, I don't eat as much as I use to as find it hard to find what food I want to eat but I make sure however much I don't wanna eat I eat something whether it's little n often. I'm under a lot of stress past 2 weeks and feel depressed too.

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What is your normal weight? Just keep yourself hydrated and as long as you don't feel faint then I wouldn't worry.


Its not abornomal to lose weight during pregnancy but its also important you're' eating a well balanced diet when u can as pregnancy can play a big part in how our immune system works.

Are you keeping yourself well hydrated? As long as you don't feel really tired & withdrawn everything should be fine.



I did due to bad sickness. I was eating a bit and drinking loads but if ur eating little and often and keeping hydrated then I wouldn't be too worried. Hav u spoken to ur midwife/gp about ur current situation with stress/depression they shud b able to help u x


Hello there. I've lost weight too since being pregnant but have put it down to not drinking alcohol and eating more healthily than before even though I've no real appetite for anything either. Keep drinking plenty water and speak to your midwife/gp about your stress/feeling down. Hormones and tiredness won't be helping if you're stressed out too. Xx


I lost 2 stone due to sickness, as long as you keep hydrated it's not a bad thing.


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