What are my chances of becoming pregnant ?

Hello every one so I've been with my partner for 5years now and we have decided that we would like to have a baby the only birth control that we have used is condoms and that has worked for many years now we are not using any what are my chances of be coming pregnant to some one that has been taking the pill or implant an so on ..... ? Any advice I would be grateful thanks x

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  • I think your chances are around the same really. With the pill it can take a little bit for someone's natural cycle to get back to normal but people can also fall pregnant immediately. With the implant things go back to natural as soon as it is removed. Unfortunately it is a horrid game of trying to conceive and waiting to see if your successful. It is the same for everyone- you may get pregnant straight away or it may take longer. Oh and remember to start taking folic acid now, if you have not already as it helps ensure healthy development when you fall pregnant. Good luck x

  • Ur chances r as gd as anybodies. ..some people when come off contraception I.e pill it can take a while for it to leave your system but all u can do is try and see what happens x

  • Hey. It really depends on the individual rather than the type of contraception. Everyone's body works differently so there is no real way to know how long it will take. I was on the pill for 10yrs and fell pregnant within a week of stopping it which was much quicker than I had expected. You basically don't know until you try x

  • Hiya, I had stopped taking the pill about 8 years before we started to try for a baby so had only used condoms & the withdrawl method. When we did start trying it took 10 months to conceive and I had assumed that I would fall within the first month! I think everyone is different and there is no rhyme or reason for when you will fall. I did start to think it was never going to happen, even though I knew that other people had been trying for years and we even started to consider IVF but then it happened. Everyone will tell you to relax and go with the flow but from experience that's not always easy when you want it so much! My one bit of advice is try to be aware of when roughly you ovulate, I used the wee sticks (from Amazon-cheap and you can use them every day of the month to get a fairly accurate reading) and then later on we used a digital ovulation predictor once and that month we conceived! Good luck to you - it's a beautiful adventure xxxx

  • We fell the first time we tried, completely unexpectedly. Then it took eight months, to get pregnant again, then around three months so it is impossible to know. My advice would be to learn your natural cycle read about signs of ovulation, discharge etc and you are probably fertile when you are most in the mood. The tests are there if you want them too. Drinking and smoking can make a difference I think. Always worth trying to lay off it for the waiting weeks but not get too stressed. I think one of the most important things is to try and relax and enjoy the trying and even the waiting weeks as the more relaxed you are the better. This can be really hard some months I could get very uptight sometimes, other times I was light and chilled. Don't be worried if it takes time, they say to work on about a year as a rule. It's definitely an adventure.

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