Hey all

So im 39 weeks and baby keeps being a tease and giving lots of contractions and false alarms. Im booked for a sweep at 40+2 but was wondering if I can ask to be booked in as soon as for an induction rather than wait til gone 42weeks when im there for sweep.

Also, to help with decision, do any of u know about the risks involved as all midwives were cagey about the subject.

Thanks as always for the help xx


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  • Morning, I had sweep & induction. What do you mean midwives cagey? X

  • They dont want to discuss anything on it until absolutely necessary. I just wanted some facts and they said "we will cross that bridge when we come to it".

    How did induction go for u? X

  • Ah I see, well I guess they view you and your pregnancy as low risk now so take each day as it comes.

    I found it ok, I was 40+3, had one sweep, I went back to ANDU for a 2nd but his Heart Rate was high so after spending all day trying to bring it down I agreed to be Induced. I had already asked to postpone as wanted to labour naturally. I was always considered high risk due to being 40 so I was not going to take the risk for the sake of a few days to labour.

    So 24hr pessary in hospital to efface cervix , (very little sleep as its like very bad period cramps so your quite restless on top of no bladder), then waters broken, 3.5hrs to fully dilated & 1.5hrs to deliver (had gas and air at this point) as his hand/arm came with head so hard work but I got him out without intervention, my MW was amazing!

    It is a lengthy process so they will only induce you if they really feel necessary. Mine was actually scheduled when I was 36 weeks for exactly week 40 as I mentioned above. X

  • They might book an induction but it wont b done till ur nearly 2 weeks over unless theres any medical reason for it to b done sooner..I had an induction date as my bp started creeping up towards end but they gave me a booklet of what happens etc but I didnt need it so I dont kno too much about it..sorry x

  • Seems almost a taboo subject haha. Thanks for the info tho. Its awesome that baby decided to come out themselves in the end x

  • To b honest I didn't really want to know about it..I wanted him to come naturally but obviously with high bp u gotta be careful but I think when ur pregnant u get taken over by emotions and expectations of how u want it to b and u dont want tht idealistic plan ruined...the most important thing is that all these babies r safe and well and us poor mummies r sore as a result. Hope it goes well for you xx

  • Having recently experienced an induction following a natural birth, I would wait out for as long as it's medically sound for you to do so.

    In my opinion, inductions are considerably more painful. There's also a greater risk of an emergency c-section, use of forceps etc

  • Thats so true and the leaflets they give u contradicted the true facts hence why my experience was horrible :-(

  • Hi there, sorry to disappoint you but in my experience they will not bring your induction forward unless there is a really good reason. I was due 21/12/13 and they didn't induce me until 3/1/13. I didn't have a sweep but if your booked for one that may very well get you started.

    The induction process is also very individual as mine took 3 goes before I started to get under way.

    I wish you all the very best, can't wait to hear the birth news! X

  • After my experience I wouldn't be asking for an induction unless actually needed. I had a horrible experience and found it very painful. I had to have it due to health problems actually on my due date after learning I had OC which affected my liver. I don't think they do them unless necessary. Hopefully your baby will come soon and the sweep should help being things on. Good luck :-) x

  • Hey I know all about baby being a tease but I would have avoided an induction where possible as it is an artificial start to labour and as such may force your baby to start coming before they are ready and who knows what distress that could cause them. You still have time and I know it's so frustrating but I really would just hang in there and keep an eye out for anything dodgy occurring that may have effect in yours or baby's health....unless anything does then it's better to let baby do it's thing :-) really not long left. Stay strong x

  • I'm seeing a consultant this morning and hoping for induction asap too - will let you know what I find out. I know what you mean about midwives not wanting to talk about it - mine just said " you don't want that" when I asked for info. From reading up about it, labour after induction is often more painful, there's a higher chance of forceps or vontouse, but not a higher chance of c section (info from NHS website). I agree it's not a decision to be taken lightly, but we're all in individual situations here.

  • They are right u dont want tht...the end is frustrating. .painful and so uncomfortable but ur baby will come when ready and being forced out early cud pose complications for u both and again unless theres a medical reason they wont x

  • I agree, not something I'd do lightly, but I have health issues that I don't want to go into fully here. I'm booked in for induction on Sunday (will be 9 days overdue by then). Really hoping he comes by himself before then! X

  • really hope so too! C'mon baby scoff we wanna hear of ur safe arrival!! xx

  • Hey! I know this is a really frustrating time at the end, even when a baby isn't being a tease, all you want is to meet your baby, so all the false starts will be making it worse! The thought of potentially going another 3 weeks is horrible, but I have to echo what the others are saying, you will only be induced if you reach 42 weeks or if there is a medical reason.

    You baby is staying put because he or she isn't ready to be born. Yes technically you are "full term" but if little one doesn't want to come now he/she won't! They will only come when they want to!

    Baby is nice and warm and safe in there and forcing him/her out wouldn't be a good idea.

    Stay strong! It's won't last forever. Have you tried the usual "natural" ways of getting things going? Sex, curry, long walks, bouncing on birthing ball etc?


  • Hi.

    I have a 3 months baby. I was inducted, only because of my age 41, and it was awful.

    Honestly, I wouldn't recommend induction at all unless in serious health condition.

    I too was sooooo fed up I wanted the baby out. But I agreed with induction because the various risk for the baby.

    The induction took me 3 days. I had so much pain, in the end I was exausted, with all the procedure the baby moved and I ended up with a emergency ceasaerian.

  • Obviously all labours and inductions are different but for me induction was not a good experience. It had to be done as I had a medical condition and baby needed delivering but to cut a long story short it didn't work properly, gave me constant contractions for about 7 hours that were doing nothing, I ended up with an emergency section under general as no time to even give me an epidural. I just don't think baby was atall ready to come and so wish I could have waited and done it naturally. xxx

  • I had an induction at 38+5 due to my lg being small, she had stopped growing 2 weeks previous and they said she wasn't going to benefit any longer from being in there,

    After my first pessary was put in I was told it could take hours or even days but I had convinced myself if anything was going to happen it wouldn't take long, i had mild period like pains all night but nothing that made me think it was happening after 18 hours my waters broke after lots of other odd goings on lol and then within 50 mins I was fully dilated and within another hour my daughter had been born! So I'm guessing after reading other ppls comments it's different for everyone, my contractions were very painful, my labour was pretty easy (no linch mob please) I was told a few weeks later being induced is suppose to make labour worse but I'm unsure of how true that is, but I'd keep baba in until they say it's best, no point rushing them out unnecessarily xx

  • Thank u everyone. Firmly put off the idea now. I had no idea of the complications it can cause and thought it would b safe enough to do. Fingers crossed that bubz gets tired of teasing and finally comes of its own accord really soon. Im super frustrated right now. Heading out to have a long walk to shops. Do some housework when I get back. Hopefully start something xx

  • Fingers crossed for you!

  • I had a sweep at 39 weeks with no joy then another at 40+3 which kicked me into labour within 2 days. It was uncomfortable but other uncomfortable but aside from that no other issues.

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