Mood swings

Hey all, just after some support to keep me sane. LO is nearly 5 months and I've been back on the contraceptive pill for the last 2 months but during the last month my mood swings are dreadful. I'm even starting to annoy myself but just can't help myself.

I was slightly worried I might be pregnant and this just adds to my worry - period not officially late yet so will have to wait to be definite.

I never had any mood swings before I was pregnant, could my hormones still be a mess 5 months after birth??

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Yh definitely....I've always been a bit moody lol. But since bubba I've definitely been bit more touchy and emotional and even starting to irritate myself too. I was very dizzy a little while ago and was also worried I was pregnant again but my period showed me otherwise thankfully lol. Don't worry, I think hormones really do take a while to settle down x


Strange you say that about dizziness as I've had that few times too. Also a nauseous feeling in the early evenings. Just looking on internet and dehydration is a major cause of irritability and I def don't drink enough so have to make an effort with this.

Unfortunately the assistant in Next today copped the full force of my strop!!


Yes the nausea too!! How weird!! Don't think I drink enough either to be honest. Docs are looking into my iron levels too as one blood teat showed low cell count but they are unsure as to whether it's the iron level or me being unwell over the last few weeks. Should find out tomorrow afternoon...could also explain dizziness x


Think I've also been stressed with the holidays and lack of routine. We've visited a lot of relatives and travelled long distances. Feel fed up of worrying about how my LO will be. Feel pressure that you don't want them to cry when visiting others. We got home yest and so glad he can just be himself ( and me) and do what he wants without the he's tired or he's hungry comments!

God, miserable aren't i?!!!


Lol. No....I always feel like that we had 2nights away in a row visiting my partners family and it just felt like hard work as you want the baby to be ok and stuff. It's a lot to adjust to. Plus I don't like sharing my baby with everyone lol so always feel anxious about them attempting to pass him round like a novelty! xx



I can totally understand what you're going through as since I've had my daughter ( 8 wks ago) my mood swings on most days are so intense to the point of having to just sit alone in a room ( preferably cool room) just to calm down.

"& ive never been this bad before"

Since my LO's being born though i have'to take at least a 1Ltr bottle of water with me to bed as during / after the night feeds I get extremely thirsty so I think you may be right about the irritability is down to dehydration.



Think after u have a baby things change so much but think u become more aware of ur hormones. .I can't take the pill as it would be like amityville in my house and pmt affects me so badly now. .. as u get older it gets worse. ... but I also dont drink enough water :)


Haha! Amityville!


I know

:-) I thought that was quite funny too as it sounds alot like me on some days


Thanks everyone, such a relief to know it's not just me. Fingers crossed period will arrive when it's due so I can forget about thinking I might be pregnant too!


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