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Hi just wondering if anyone could help me...

My period was due on the 10th dec, but I took a test 2days before and the test came out negative. I have been having cramps and I keep thinking my period is coming, but 2days later there's still nothing. My period is normally never late and I don't want to waste money buying another test for it just to come put negative again.

Does anyone have an idea why is this is happening if I'm not pregnant and how long should I wait to test again?

Thanks in advance

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Try a clear blue. They very accurate xx


Sometimes when u do a rest before you're due, the hcg hormones aren't high enough at hag stage. Now you're late if u are pregnant, your hormones will be a lot higher so are more accurate. Good luck!!


M first test was a very faint positive so i wasnt sure

But got a clear blue one and done it a couple of days after i was due and that was positive they cost a bit more but the say in digital pregnant so i belived it a bit more :) all the best x


i am going through the same thing my period was due on the 5th and still nothing. i feel like its coming but i just need to pee. i have to pee every 2 hours or so. I dont know if i should take a test or wait longer since i wast to see the + on the pregnancy test!


Thanks everyone! Bought a clear blue digital test. But I'm going to test on Saturday morning. Just wanna see that + sign othwise if I dnt something's wrong. :(. I'll let you all know the result x


So I was going to take the test this morning. But last night I had some cramps and light bleeding. And now I can't sleep because the cramps are getting worse (not as bad as my normal period cramps) and I'm still bleeding I'm even wearing a pad (sorry for tmi) scared :(


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