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panic attack and pregnancy

hi plz i need ur help i dont know what to do im really scared im 37 week before yesterday i had pain i thought i was going throu labor whene i reach the hospital i got panic attak very high pilse rate for me and the baby plus high fever and i couldnt breath , the doctor told tha not labor pain it was just pain but she tought i have heart desease but i explain to her when im scared this hapen to me so now soon is my deliverry what can i do to calm my self

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I know its a scary time and having a baby does hurt but try and relax have pain relief when you need it.the midwives and doctors are there to help and support you and will help to calm you down. Focus on the outcome and holding your baby in your arms :-) xx


I've had panic attacks before and it is frightening. I found that I didn't trust the people who were around me at the time but that just made the situation worse. I've found that by listening and putting faith in those with me helped a great deal. Also if I occupy my brain by reading something so have a magazine or a book or even a poem on a piece of paper to hand and that should help. The one thing that has prevented me from having panic attacks for two years is having a mantra to repeat. You can do this silently in your head or by speaking it if you're very scared. I don't know about you but I myself believe in God and so I find if I say 'in the name of jesus christ depart' then it works and makes me feel a lot calmer. Another one I've been told is 'I'm a healer not a harmer' they taught me this one while I was staying in hospital when I had panic attacks there. Basically a mantra is something that is easy to remember and that helps you to calm down. It will work and it will get better with time.


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