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1st injections and being around someone who is on medication for cancer

My lo has her first injections this week and I have read that you may be asked before the injections if you are in contact with someone that is taking medication for cancer, my mother in law is on tamoxifen for breast cancer, has anyone else been in this situation and also why they ask this? Is my lo not allowed to be around her?

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I was told its to to with the Rota virus vaccine. It's a live vaccine and those having cancer treatment have a lower immune system so are more likely to pick up the virus.

The nurse told me the virus comes out in vomit and poo so just avoid them feeding and changing bums for 2 weeks after the vaccine. My husbands grandfather is 90 and has cancer and I just waited the full 2 weeks before Hugo saw him to avoid any risk.



Isn't tamoxifen to block the hormones? That's what they put u on after all the treatment isn't it? I'm sure it is fine but check with ur g.p they would know best


Tamoxifen should be ok as a) it's a tablet and b) it's hormonal. How long has she been on it? If years I wouldn't worry. The concern is the person on active chemo as they can catch rotavirus and become very unwell, especially if within 10 days of their chemo as it destroys their ability to fight even minor infections. If worried mention it to the practice nurse beforehand x


Thanks for the responses, she has been on the tablets a few years now, i really didn't know if it was ok! Me and my hubby was planning our first nite out since lo has come along and mother in law was going to look after her!


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