Teething relief for baby? tried and tested anyone pls?

My 3 months old girl started to chew her fingers frantically in the last week - also salivates a lot and at night i can hear her chewing a lot, too. No sign of teeth yet (thank God, as i'm bf! ) ;)

I've heard gums can itch a month before teeth actually show up - is there anything i can use now to help her? Obviously i don't want to use calpol as she doesn;t have fever, nor seems in pain. Thanks x

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My baby has just started doing all of those things over the last week! I was just yesterday trying to work out how I can help him....I'll be interested to see what people come up with :D

This is normal development for a 3 month old and is often mistaken for teething (of course, statistically it will be teething in a few). Discovering their hands with their mouth is part if the maturation if their frontal lobe of their brain. The masses of saliva are also evolutionary - lots of enzymes to break down all the rubbish now going into their mouths from their hands.

If your LOs are not bothered by it, there's nothing you need to do other than letting them get on with developing cxx

He does get bothered by it

I'm just gona watch him for other symptoms for a while, it's hard to see him get uncomfortable with it and not know what to do with himself

If he will let you, rubbing his gums is supposed to be as good as anything OTC, as it's the application of gels and powders that help rather than what's actually in them (releases nitrous oxide and other compounds from the gum itself). Might be worth a try? X

Yh I might give that a go....he gets really frantic at times and only stops once I hold him and get him to sleep while he's still going at them and whimpering. At first I thought he was just overtired at those times but now I can see the difference between him being overtired and him being bugged by his gums. I think he's a long way off actual teeth emerging but his gums just must be tingling with his mouth getting prepared

My friend swears by those teethers that look like a dummy but with a mouth shaped flat teat. She gives them to her little girl straight from the freezer for her to bite down on. We're going to get some to have on standby.

I highly reccommend waterproof teething mittens. Great for young teething babies. Gives them something to chew without needing to be very coordinated. I got my lo's from etsy.com/shop/easybreazybaby

Good tip :-)

aparantly theres these necklaces called amber necklaces..not sure much about them or how they work but they r meant to be gd, look them up online but I think u get them from like homeopathic kind of places but a lot of mums at babygroup I go to were tlking about them. every child is different my sis had 2 teeth by 8 weeks so can come whenever but I hope ur lo is ok x

I've just ordered gummee glove and cant wait 4it to come as my 13 weeks old keeps chewing everything lol.not sure if she is teething or not cos her gums are white but i know it could take long before they appear.anyway the glove will keep her occupied and me happy

I tried the gummee glove too! Can't say I am a fan :( brilliant idea but baby is just too young to understand (at least mine was) I wouldn't reccommend it. Hopefully your lo likes hers!

Dentinox teething gel is good and can be used from birth! And also costs under £2 We started using it a few weeks back! Also we have tied knots in the corners of Muslins for our lg, frozen washcloths too! You don't need to spend great deals of money to soothe that toothy itch,

Sophie the giraffe was recommended to me and my lo loves it. Its designed to be the perfect texture and size for baby to chew on and handle, as well as looking cute! There's an annoying squeak but apparently you can stop this by putting it in a steriliser. I also use the teething granules - rub some on the guns and pop the rest in their mouth. Lo loves them and they do the trick for us!

I too have a Sophie, he's yet to know what to do with her at 9wks, I give it to him but that's it at the moment

Hi! I don't know whether ANBESOL has been mentioned?? I found it worked brilliantly..its a liquid you dab on you're finger then rub on the gums!! Hopefully without being bitten ha! Its much better than Bonjela!! Xx

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