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\question 2 - formula cured pooping problem?

Had a couple of days when john cried all day and wanted fed all time. At first thought was growth spurt, but I just couldn't keep up. Gave in an gave him a bottle, mostly so I had time to eat decently for his sake as much as mine. Since then combination fed and all is fine. A side effect seems to be pain he was having passing wind down the way and pooing has gone completely. This is something we'd been concerned about since first week too. Could it be the formula that's cured whatever the problem was? x

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Hmm, I don't know, but sounds like it may have done. Pleased combo feeding is working for you and John and you are getting some time to get things done for yourself too :-)


My daughter had the same issue shes solely on formula now as couldn't keep up BF either. Since then she's fine with wind and having a poo... shes just sick all the time but she was like that rom been born with BF xx


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