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Avent Microwave Sterilisers

Anyone else have one of these and it not fit in your microwave without removing the turnstile glass plate?!

We brought a new microwave yesterday as am just starting to pump and am frustrated that the sterilisation unit does not fit inside without removing the plate. This makes me wonder if am getting an even distribution of heat.

The Microwave has a 20L online now seeing how can resolve the problem by getting a bigger microwave...we were not even bothered by not having one as not had one in years and now we have one that cannot do the 1st job it was intended for....Grr :(

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20L seems to be the standard, the bigger microwaves are combination ovens usually at 25L and we definitely do not want one of those and we don't have the work top space!


That's why I went for steam steriliser as my microwave is small and I was worried about the heat being distributed evenly but if the steriliser turns without the plate then I wouldn't worry if not then can u still return it and get a different one?


It doesn't turn in micro :-(


Ive bought the "tommee tippee electric steam steriliser" this time around as when I had my son ( 5 yrs ago) I had the same problem ( also with the tommee tippee brand)

I don't think it's the fault of the "steriliser" manufacturer as almost every supermarket, large hardware stores nowadays sell microwave ovens for low & reasonable prices therefore I believe most microwaves are just getting smaller.

It is rather annoying though to have to be removing the "plate" every-time you want to sterilise the babies bottles. My thoughts are you could possibly put just a Lil' boiling water into the steriliser (with the bottles you wish to sterilise) & then by replacing the lid the steam from the water will do the same job just as the microwave would have done.



We didn't have a microwave until LO was born, though had the Tommy Tippee microwave steriliser bought us as a gift. We bought a microwave specifically to fit... And it was difficult, as microwaves seem to be getting smaller and smaller! N


SNAP..... mine is the same, I have to take the plate out in order to fit the steriliser in.. thank god I have only expressed twice so only used it a couple of times but when I swap baby onto the bottle in a couple of months it is going to drive me mad! Like you I worry that the heat is not being distributed properly! I am not buying a new steriliser or microwave though, Think I will just put up with x


It's really bad they are making microwaves smaller and smaller nowadays! My current micro is very noticeably smaller than my last one :( I've bought cold water sterilisation tablets in preparation for sterilising bottles - my cousin is giving me one of her sterilisers but I'm unsure whether it will fit in my small micro! So annoying x


I have Milton tabs too.


I think that somewhere on the advertising or product write up it should say what micro size it fits! I guess I stupidly assumed that they would not sell a Microwave steriliser that does not fit most common size microwaves ie 20L (when my OH was in Tesco's Extra shopping for one he says they were ALL 20L.

I might complain to Philips as its ridiculous, i checked the instruction manual, box & product sales details on amazon, no where did I find only fits a 'X' size Microwave. Dumbasses!!



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