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Soooo tired of being sick now

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I posted a while ago and I was so happy because I had stopped throwing up.... but then two days ago I got a really nasty cold, and it started all over again.... throwing up and not being able to keep even tea or water down. I've managed to have some food and water now and can keep things down... but the past two mornings I've been retching and being sick again... what is going on?!?!?!

Is it just this cold? Or does this mean the morning sickness is back? What is going on?

I also have some issues with my OH at the moment. He's feeling very upset and stressed out about things, and is saying some really bloody stupid things. He said yesterday that if there is EVER anything wrong with the baby (even when its grown up) then its my fault because I obviously didn't eat the right things during the pregnancy!!!!! I mean that's just ridiculous! How can it be my fault if the baby at some point in its life has any illness!?!? He's also feeling upset because he has to deal with me throwing up again (bear in mind his way of 'dealing with me when sick' is to leave the room and not say anything and then not complain that I haven't done the housework, ironing, cooking etc).

Sorry... rant over... Just tired of being sick and feeling stuck that I cant complain or be sick as OH then feels that it is not 'being supportive' of him. *sigh*

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I was sick throughout my pregnancy every morning to the point where I was eating barely anything or very little. ..was heavily pregnant in the summer and was living on ice lollies and milk for last 2 or 3 weeks. Not sure how far u r but maybe try going drs and getting sickness tabs. My oh annoyed me too as he was like am fed up of listening to u being sick every morning and I was like yeh cz I really enjoyed chucking my guts up every morning...since my son was born 6 weeks ago I am bk too enjoying food again its amazing but I truly sympathise with u as it was horrible. I did find not eating after about 2 helped my morning sickness. X

You poor thing, it's just miserable. I'm not sure how many weeks you are. I was sick up to 26 weeks - have had a few days off now so fingers crossed. Some people are sick all the way through, it's not your fault and there's not a lot you can do except cope as best you can. (If you're getting dehydrated then see a doctor though). I'm sorry, but it's impossible to eat a healthy diet when you're being sick all the time - just eat what you can, when you can. Your baby will get all the nutrients they need as your body prioritises their needs over your own.

Hopefully the sickness is only back because of your cold. If your ears and sinuses are blocked up then that could make you sick. Really hope it eases soon. Do vent on this forum if you need to - that's what we're here for!

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Thanks for the support.

I'm currently 18 weeks. Beginning to feel Clumpy moving around now (which is very weird!) which makes me think its worth it, but I have to admit, this has been what I consider to be a hellish pregnancy! Throwing up, cramps and pains, itchy legs and ankles, hot flushes and affecting my depression too! But I'm still glad.... I had three miscarriages before, so I keep reminding myself that I really wanted this!

Am terrified that I wont be able to deal with the baby though when its born. I'm worried about how my depression will be and whether I'll be able to cope.I guess we'll see.... and I guess I shouldnt worry about it until further on in the pregnancy.

Totally normal to worry about all that stuff! You're aware of your depression, so can keep an eye and monitor it, and get help if you need it. I'm sure you'll be a fantastic mum!

I've had a difficult pregnancy too. If there's any karma then we're both going to have very easy births and babies who sleep through the night. It works like that, yes? x

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*laugh* I'd like to think that was right! How far along are you now?

27 weeks. Still a way to go....

Sorry ladies...I had a terrible pregnancy. ..and no my little boy doesn't sleep through lol x

Nooooo! Don't take away my illusion! ;o)

Ah the sickness sounds awful. I feel for you going through that. I hope the cold is the reason it's returned and that it will ease soon. That was a very plonkerish thing your partner said about the baby getting ill and it being because you haven't eaten the right things......I think men aren't quite built to function properly in the world of reproduction lol xx

Hi I have had sickness for 11weeks constant and mornings are the worst I really hope it doesn't last for as long as it has for some of the ladies on here... I had a cold 2 weeks ago and found that it makes sickness much worse... good luck!

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