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3rd miscarriage in 18 months :-( x x x time for some answers I think

Hi all after losing all my amniotic fluid at 11 weeks I have had to have a medical mc at hospital. This has definitely been the most upsetting mc of my pregnancies. I feel like I've lost all direction in my life.

On the plus side the hospital were amazing and they are now referring me to a specialist to test for all sorts. Has anyone had this done? What were your experiences / findings? x x

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So sorry to hear your news hun, remember when you posted before I so hoped things would be ok for you. I have had two miscarriages in the past but both were at around 7 wks and just happened spontaneously. Sorry I cant help with your question as never had tests done to try and find out why. I wish I had some amazing words to say to take away all your pain but everything I can think of writing sounds so cliché. Big hugs for you xxxxx


Hi hun. I had three miscarriages over a 1 year period before having my daughter 6 months ago. So first of all, don't lose hope as there is still a very good chance that you will have a sucessful pregnancy in the future :-) So, after my third miscarriage I was referred by my GP to a fertilty clinic to have testing done. First I had a detailed pelvic scan to rule out any structural abnormalities that may stop an egg from implanting, such as fibroids, endo, abnormally shaped uterus etc. All that was fine, so the moved on to a whole range of blood tests. They checked for blood clotting disorders such as antiphospholipid syndrome or lupus. They checked for thyroid problems, did a full blood count etc. I also had blood taken on the second day of my period to check something called FSH ( follicle stimulating hormone) to make sure my ovaries were being stimulated to release an egg each month. Finally, blood from both mysell and my husband was sent to a genetics lab to check for any genetic abnormalities. All my tests came back as normal wich was great on the one hand as there was nothing wrong with either of us but also frustrating and upsetting as the consultant couldn't give us a reason for why it kept happening and just chalked it up to bad luck. Apparently up to 60% of couples never find a reason and it is put down as 'unexplained ' so chance are there will be nothing wrong with either of you :-) So, after the third miscarriage I was told by my consultant to contact the clinic when I next fell pregnant (which I did the next month). I was put onto progesterone supplements which I took twice a day and had my first scan a 6w 1day. A heartbeat was confirmed at that scan so I then had scan every two weeks until 10 weeks when I was discharged into the care of my midwife. After that my pregnancy was treated as normal and I was looked after by my community midwife. I continued to take progesterone up to 12 weeks which I then stopped. There's not too much evidence for their use at the moment as a study is being conducted by Guys in London at present but it was something my consultant was happy to perscribe. You may also be perscribed baby aisprin if you are diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder as it helps to thin the blood. Luckily for us fourth time was the lucky one that stuck. I don't know what the difference with that pregancy was, wether it was the progesterone supplements or just the increased monitoring helping to make me feel more secure. Either way, I'm so grateful to have my baby girl and when you do go on to have a baby in the future you appreciate them all the more because of what its taken you to get there :-) Sorry for the really long message but I just know how upsetting and frustrating this time can be so if you ever do need to chat please feel free to messgae me through here. I hope this message has helped a little bit. Best of luck for the future hun. xxxx


Thank you Cati482 the info is really useful so I know a bit more about what to expect from the investigations. I just need to wait 6 weeks for the appointment now! Thanks again x x


So sorry to hear about your loss hayley, you and your partner have been through such a hard time.

I have had multiple miscarriages (9) over the years and had given up trying for a baby, then at 43 i found myself pregnant again im now 28 weeks and fingers crossed will make it this time.

Cati482 summed up the tests the hospital carry out beautifuly i cant think what more to add. Despite all the tests they couldnt find the reason for my miscarriages. But they offered lots of monitoring for each pregnancy and suggested i take baby asprin. The hospital also carried out genetic screening on some of the babies i lost and the results showed a different problem each time (eg trisomy 10, no genetic cause found and trisomy 16 etc) the consultant suggested that in my case there could be an underlying cause but that sometimes the best 'cure' is keep trying and one will stick, which didnt feel helpful at the time but seems to be true. He also suggested that under 5 miscarriages is in fact still a statisticly normal rate and in all probability will go on to have healthy babies.

Once again im so sorry for your loss and wish you every sucess in the future.


Hi Hayleyp soo sorry to hear this bad news I have also had 2 miscarriages this year and dr has told me I need baby asprin as I am border line diabetic as soon as I know I'm pregnant. Why do we have to go through soo much before anything is done I don't know but hopefully you will get some response from your test good luck and hope it works out for both of us xx


Hi, I've had six pregnancies (four miscarriages and two healthy ones), and nothing came up on the investigations. For my first successful pregnancy I took baby aspirin (75mg) and had HCG injections for the first 16 weeks. As Cati482 has said, there is no evidence to support the use of HCG but I also had HCG for my second pregnancy that worked so it appears as if it made a difference..... They also found out I had a blood clotting disorder so was injecting myself with heparin every day for the second pregnancy (however, the aspirin worked fine for the first pregnancy).

Really hope it works out for you xx


I have had 3 miscarriages over a period of 5 years. My husband and I struggled to get pregnant again after the first loss, I think stress has a massive amount to do with it. I am now 15 weeks pregnant with twins after IUI and took it upon myself to take baby aspirin as soon as I found out I was pregnant as the dr's although lovely and all the tests, couldn't give us any solid explanations although I do have a unicornuate uterus and only 1 ovary. Don't know if it is the aspirin or not but I will definitely keep taking it until the end and if I get pregnant again in the future! Best of luck x


I have a bicornuate uterus but the shape isn't severe and the docs don't think that is the problem. I read about aspirin so I took it with the 3rd pregnancy. Maybe it is the answer and what happened with the amniotic fluid was pure bad luck. Who knows! Thank you for all the replies. It is comforting to know I'm not alone in this x x


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