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8 week old needs bedtime routine!

My 8 week old sleeps brilliantly day and night except at his early evening feed where he is generally just fussy although tired and results in either me or his Daddy walking around with him until he's asleep.

The routine so far is pretty limited, bottle, nappy change/play, PJ's then try to settle him.

Considering giving last bottle upstairs in the dark/quiet as he does know night times? Can I leave him upstairs in Moses basket with his monitor at only 8 weeks old?

I'd love to get a routine which doesn't involve us rocking him to sleep and more like 'putting him to bed'.

Any ideas/suggestions much appreciated!!

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Hey. My baby loves a bath so I do an early evening bath, massage, clean pjs, feed thing. Though it will be more effective as he gets older and recognises it as bedtime. I do give him late night and night time feeds in a dimly lit, quiet room. I do cuddle him and speak gently to him and all that but I don't play with him and he is starting to realise if mummy doesn't play and dance and stuff, it's quiet time and so is calmer.... as calm as a 6 week old can be of course haha!! Just planting the routine seeds.... x


Hi from eight weeks old we started feeding our baby upstairs in the dark no talking or interaction. Even if she didn't fall asleep straight away put her down in her Moses basket with baby monitor on. Result she happily self settles. Whether it was due to this routine or us being very lucky she has slept on average between 10 -12 hrs straight. She is currently 8months old and we still have the same routine and touch wood still works. Good luck x


Thanks Hincha, sounds like what I had in mind and great to hear that it works! Fingers crossed we'll manage it as at the moment it's exhausting for me and him I'm sure.


Good luck hope it works for you x


It's very normal to have a fussy evening at this stage. A bedtime routine can be helpful for everyone in the long term, start it when you are ready and at this stage you probably don't need to stick to it rigidly.

The recommendation is that the baby sleeps where you are for the first 6 months so once he's asleep maybe you could bring him downstairs to a corner of the room you are in?

Good luck with finding something that works for your family


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