Hi ladies! ALCOHOL - where do we all stand??? I'm 16 weeks + 2 days and have been wondering when is safest to maybe have a small glass

Hi ladies! ALCOHOL - where do we all stand??? I'm 16 weeks + 2 days and have been wondering when is safest to maybe have a small glass of wine? Up until now i've had nothing, and i'm not that bothered but now that my horrendous nausea has finally passed i've got a few dinners with friends coming up and thought maybe i might fancy a small one than. Any thoughts appreciated!

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  • I was told by a midwife the second trimester is the best time to drink. ..I went out in mysecond trimester and had a couple of white wine spritzers made it last longer but be warned one glass can make u feel tipsy! :)

  • I was so sick through all my pregnancies I hardly fancied any alcohol but did have the odd small glass from time to time with all of them when I was feeling up to it and on special occasions. Never drank more than a small glass at a time mind...but couldn't have handled it if I had. I was told by a friend who is an obstetrician that in moderation its fine and doesn't do any harm. xxxx

  • They say no alcohol in pregnancy but me personally I have had the occasional (One a month) small glass of wine diluted down with sparkling water or lemonade.


  • They've changed their outlook on alcohol in pregnancy and you can look up the amount of units they see as safe.....I can't remember off the top of my head lol. I had a couple of drinks throughout my second trimester, however as said above, it made me tipsy and I wouldn't have even been able to handle more if I wanted it! Most of the time in the pub or whatever though, i had the alcohol free Kopparberg ciders (as I love the real thing) and they were amazing! Taste the same :D

  • I had a shandy a couple of times in semester 2 - bit of beer and lots of lemonade. You won't need to drink a lot as it'll go straight to your head. Went off it again recently. I think the odd small amount is fine, just not too much and not too often.

  • Mmmmm could drink a shandy right now!

  • Me too! lol x

  • Oh yeah me to, oh hang on a minute I can ha ha

  • I was almost 12 weeks when I found out I wad pregnant! Month before I found out I went to a wedding at got rather sozzled!! Felt so guilty but friends assured me they did the same and all was fine so long as it's not all the way through! My mw told me at my booking appt a small glass of wine Will do no harm! I didn't actually ask.. she brought it up because it was 3 weeks before Xmas! I chose not to drink at all but think that was the guilt after the wedding incident!! 1 small glass or a couple of spritzers imo is not a big deal! :) x

  • Its a case of diet police fascism when you're pregnant. Don't eat or drink that... your only allowed to eat and drink this... limit your intake of the other....

    Realistically moderation is the key. I used to like ginger wine and soda with plenty of ice or a glass of wine with the other 2 and now with less than two weeks til no3 makes and appearance if I fancy half of guiness/beer then that's what I'll have. Most of the way through I haven't bothered (as I happen to also be the designated driver most of the time) but I regularly have the low alcohol lager/ cider from the supermarket in the evening, its not too bad and helps me to feel grown up!

    With all the other crap that pregnant women are exposed to on a daily basis (think road pollution, etc) a couple of alcohol units are the proverbial drop in the ocean! :)

  • So true - like a lot of others I have gone off it so have never really bothered but for celebration times I would have a little glass (I've been pregnant over Christmas three times and will be again this time!) When it comes to most things 2nd trimester is thought to be the safest I think as baby is fully formed but not near to birth. But as mamacool points out there are other dangerous toxins around us all the time and we don't give them a second thought. I love becks blue at any time so often drink that in pregnancy.

  • It's your body and your baby, so always your choice so long as your aware of any risks to you for your pregnancy. Personally I was of opinion that it was 'ok' to have a wine spritzer from time to time (in my pregnancy as growth was bang on and lots of movements daily I thought it ok) in particular when out for dinner or special occasions. I had a 4 day hen do in Brighton and there was no way I was not going to toast the hen with champagne and the same at their wedding. (I had a great time despite my soberness)

    I also had a lager shandy from time to time too or at home I would just drink non alcoholic beer or cider xx

  • Thanks ladies - i did have some alcohol free becks beers before my nausea kicked in as i did like a drink pre-pregnancy but i don't fancy it at all really now, i seem to live on water! (never thought i'd hear myself say that!) Everyone keeps saying 'Wait until after your 20 wk scan' whenever i ask a question about anything! I think if anything it will help a Friday night feel like s Friday night again (even just 1 small glass!) but very true what you say about being guilted in to being perfect!!!

  • I lived on Becks Blue during my pregnancy, but did have the occasional small glass of wine from the middle of my second trimester - usually if eating out. X

  • I really enjoyed the "beer free beers" as I nick-named them! Just like real larger I thought! And made me feel "grown up" :) xx

  • I used to drink Bavaria (Dutch fake beer) or Kopperberg (Alc Free) Pear Cider...Yummy but very sweet like Pear drops. Becks Blue is popular but I thought expensive for something that had no alcohol in. X

  • The mixed fruit Kopparberg was better :-)

  • I still have two bottles :-)

  • 6 bottles for £3... Cheaper than diet coke ;-p

  • I found it easier to just find a gorgeous non-alcoholic wine. Had to pay a little more to find a white I really enjoyed, but nevertheless was worth it! And in the Summer I absolutely loved Becks non-alcoholic beer, it literally tastes like the real thing! And was so refreshing if made into a shandy.

  • Achohol free becks is the way for me, I did find a really awsome red wine that was alcohol free to ( must find it again ) lol

  • Erdinger Alcohol Free beer is 100000x nicer than Becks Blue and has added folic acid!!

    NHS guidelines are 1-2 units, 1-2 times per week. I have oen or two small (125ml) glasses of wine a week usually.

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