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What to put in hospital bag?!

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So it's getting to that time I should be packing my hospital bag! Midwife has said to me I should be in for two days if all goes well, but don't really have a clue what to pack!? Will I need towels ect?! X

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No they provide towels. .. just need stuff for urself if u were going away for the wkd. If ur in for 2 days u may want wash ur hair so take a hairdryer I did! Comfy clothes if u want to get dressed during the day or a couple of nighties.or p.js. flip flops or slippers ... toiletries.. bottle of juice for labour I'm taking lemon oh and sanitary towels. . They do nice thick ones in superdrug kotex night they are cheap but good if u want thicker ones if not just use nighttime towels. . Comfy knickers. . If u suffer with piles take ur cream with u and for baby id say 6 vests and sleepsuits... hat. .. nappies. . Cotton Wool for cleaning.. his stuff to take him home in or ur oh can bring that up after. ...think that's everything bar the kitchen sink lol...I still need to pop to the chemist and get my toiletries! Nothing worse than not being able to clean ur teeth! :)

Yeah everything Babymother said and just something to pass the time ipad/pod, books, magazines etc it can get a tad boring when the babies sleeping and all your visitors have gone home that and its not the easiest of places to get some ZZZZZ's!!

The one thing I was short on were knickers & I bled through a giant mat pad, knickers and pyjamas almost immediately after birth. X

Best check with midwife re towels as my hospital only provided them fot bubs, I had to take our own. And very cheap knickers- lots!! I bled really heavy for bout 3 days and it constantly gushed out of the thick maternity pads. So also lots of specific maternity sanitary pads. I bought a nightie fot labour but ended up in just a bra the entire time. Also took pjs for after but again was in bra and knickers due to the heat om the ward and not wanting to bleed on anything just had long cardie to put over when i needed the loo. I took lots of distraction stuff but ended up just using two balls to squeeze in my hands with the contractions. Dont panic too much as you can always send someone out if u need extras. :-) x

And nursing bra!

All the above is sound advice. Above all else is your notes. Next advice would be even if your just in triage for a check take it in with you!!! We were being told basically would be sent home again so left bags in car... they do have everything needed on ward though so wasn't to bad with delivery, though would have preferred to have baby stuff to hand. midwifes went searching out some unattractive hosp clothes for him until my OH had time to go get the bags x

Yes, if you know you are staying in for two days then the stuff to keep you amused is extra important and easy to miss with all the essentials. While in hospital (and for the first days after my homebirths) I used the disposable knickers - they look yuk but you can just bin them and I've found that a God send!

It's obviously not going to go in your bag but if you are using a wedge or a v pillow or anything which keeps you comfy at home take it with you - when I was in with my first baby the hospital seemed to have a dire shortage of pillows and was really stingy with them! For a little while post birth you might feel that you still need a bit of support to be comfy sleeping. Plus it is nice to have something which feels like home.

I would agree with all of the above but also a few things I'm so glad I had were...

Lots of drinks - lucozade to keep you going, the gas and air can make you very thirsty. It also meant we avoided vending machines!

Lip salve - gas and air made my

lips feel dry

Luxury toiletries - just some nice shampoo or moisturiser made the first shower feel nice and got me feeling normal

Snacks - crisps, cereal bars etc...not just for pre and during labour but after - I was starving!!

Hope this helps you - I also had 2 bags one for pre and during labour and one for after making things easier to find and we left the after one in the car and my husband swapped the bags once baby had arrived.

Good luck with everything!!!!

I took drinks in the little snack packs, much easier to drink with straw - ribena and capri sun, yummy! Also I would have packed ear plugs and eye mask, there was someone doing rounds every hour during the night.

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