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Numb bump & brutal Braxton hicks

Hi there,

I'm 35/1 now and I've noticed that my bump gets really numb now, which is a weird feeling.

I haven't put on hardly any weight and I'm all bump which is really stretched now and it feels like I'm going to pop and maybe that's what is causing the numbness, any advice??

With the above my Braxton hicks are getting quite uncomfortable to the point of stabbing like pains in my groin, again any advice is this an early sign???

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Hey, I was all bump too and it was numb as's the skin stretching to accommodate the growth. Such a weird feeling! I'm still awaiting the return of the feeling on the top of my son is 10 and a half weeks. The stabbing pains in your groin may be down to the pressure from the baby moving down and getting lower....I got that a lot too and it sometimes stopped me in my tracks it was so strong and sharp! x


Yes fatty boom everything you said is spot on the same with me, I almost feel like I'm going to pop!! Oh and the indigestion and heartburn has come back too lovely!!!


Oh I had that in stages of a couple of weeks at a time and always at night! Hell!! I had pints of milk....really helped me :)


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