Any possibility I am pregnant?

I had unprotected sex in june, all with pull out method, since then no sexual activity at all, have had all my periods every month since then and bleed for 5 days enough to fill a tampon in under an hour. I have had no symptoms at all, and i would be 14 weeks coming to 15 weeks now, any possibility i am pregnant? What would my tummy look like for a slim young girl? My tummy is also a bit hard, why?


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  • Hi hun I would say its very unlikely from what you have said but do a test to put your mind at ease xx

  • Hey. You posted about this before and never said if you took a test in the end....have you ever done one? That's basically the only way to know now. But it doesn't sound much like you are pregnant to me

  • i would, but i have no access to a test and im too scared to ask anyone.

  • Perhaps go to the doctors? Is there a reason you are scared to ask anyone?

  • Would you still be able to grab fat at 14/15 weeks?

  • Yes you may be able to. Only really once you are quite big and showing it gets more stretched and you can't grab fat

  • ive not gained any weight, i gained in summer from 48-50 kg, but obviously was eating more now i am back down to 48 and maybe less

  • Your obviously worried like fattyboom says maybe go to gp or a family planning clinic xx

  • if its the embarrassment factor of buying a test, defo go to family planning clinic as many young girls go there for free contraception so no one will know the exact reason u are there. if u have a friend u trust, bring them with u for support. it doesnt sound likely that u r pregnant (as many of the other ladies have said) but always worth getting checked as u will need to have access to midwifery care if u r x good luck

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