Constipated baby at 5 days old

Constipated baby at 5 days old

Hi everyone. Well I can't believe that is our precious little girl Grace 5 days old now, but I am starting to worry as she hasn't done a poo in 3 days and she is starting to get really uncomfortable. I breast fed for the first day but really struggled with it so I swapped to bottle feeding on day 2. I have spoke to the midwife about it and she doesn't seem too worried about it. She told me to get some baby olive oil and try massaging her tummy so I will try that today. Has anyone else had this problem with their baba's?


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  • Hi hun first of all what a cutie!! I would try the massage and do 'bicycle' legs very gently see if that helps it is verycommon and babies can and do go for days with no problems poops. Im sure when I stopped bf my 2 baby and put him on formula at around a week old I also started offering cool boiled water xx

  • awwwhh! She lovely :)

    My advise would be as well as the tummy massage with olive-oil you could possibly try getting a warm face cloth type towel / flannel & massaging her Lil tummy with this 1st as the warmth is usually proven to get the digestive system moving a bit more

    I experienced a very similar thing when my son was a baby in 2008 & after trying a number of things I believe this method worked better for me.

    You could also possibly try adding just a bit more water to her bottle feeds so it possibly wont settle on her tummy so much.


  • She is beautiful and I adore the outfit! We swapped our boy to formula at 5 weeks and he went 52 hours without poop! They can go several days without it being a big issue!! Try nice warm baths and the massaging also cooled boiled water should help "flush het out" we found Hugo goes when sat in a specific position.. I sit upright on the bed with less up and together, sit baby up with back rested against your thighs.... he also likes to go on his car seat! :) xx

  • Ps massage clockwise as I was told that's the way the digestive system churns! X

  • Such a lovely pic :D James had a similar issue. All of the above is all good stuff... the cool boiled water especially works for him and he loves it :D my hv recommended infacol at the height of his problems and discomfort and that seems to have done the trick and got all his wind moving, helping him poo more easily :-) x

  • My little man had real bad trapped wind last week and I got some infacol tht can b used from birth tht will help relieve it. Yeh also massaging her tummy and bicycle legs. If u get the infacol just put some in her mouth b4 every feed and it shud help. X

  • Thanks for all the good advice ladies. Will try the bicycle legs and the water just now. X

  • Congratulations

    If you are breastfeeding there is almost always poo every day. You can speak to a breastfeeding counsellor 0300 330 0700, they will be able to help you.

  • My baby girl had this problem at 1week old.i've tried all of above and didnt help.i bought some colief drops (not colic) and gave her few times and she's done the biggest poo i've ever seen lol.i've been advised not to give any water to the newborn as it could do more harm than help.if baby was little bit older you could squeeze some orange and give few drops to your baby(advice from my hv).i've noticed every mw/hv is different and they say different daughter is 6weeks old now so i give her natural fennel tea.of course not strong so almost looks like water.that helps with digestion and makes her so relaxed.i know it wont harm her as in my country you can actually buy tea granules for babies from 1week old and my mum,aunties,friends used it :)

  • Thanks girls! The massage worked and she did a big poo this afternoon! I've never been so happy to see a dirty nappy in my life, my uncle was in visiting at the time an found it funny how excited I was about a dirty nappy haha! Hopefully that's her back to normal now x

  • Aaaw what a cutee!!!congratulations!!

  • I know that feeling when your baby comes good and has a cracking poo! I laughed at how easily pleased I was and wondered what I would be like when mine started speaking. So much stress with so much joy xx

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