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How long after a bloody show will labour come girlies?


Hi everyone, so this little princess had been keeping us on our toes and teasing us for the last couple week now. Been having pain, twinges and niggles for the past week and have been in constant pain since yesterday. Had been getting cramping so bad the last day that I feel constantly sick because of the pain. I contacted midwife and she told me to take paracetemol and to try get some sleep because she thought I was maybe in pre labour. This morning I woke up to a bloody show. (TMI ALERT!!) It was quite a lot of mucus like discharge with stripes of red blood in it. I have been reading that mucus plug and bloody show are different? does anyone know how long it is from getting bloody show to active labour? I really hope its soon because I am sick of getting teased lol!

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I don't know what elsee to say to you other than............ SOON, very soon, by the of the day hopefully... exciting times. Good Luck x


Oh wow, :)

I wish I could say to you it's long now! but as you may have heard already every pregnancy & baby is a different "kettle of fish" . When I was having my son in 2008, he already had delayed the whole labour process (like your Lil one has been doing) & it wasn't until I was getting quite strong & very close together contractions until i lost my show (just like you've mentioned with red/blood streaks in it)

He then also decided to delay coming out another 6 hours "at least" after this.

Anyway I don't wanna say too much as I mentioned before every baby is different

GOOD LUCK & lets hope this is it :)



I had my show about 3 weeks before I gave birth so sometimes it can be imminent and sometimes days or weeks....the guesswork continues lol! I hope yours will be swift :-) x

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3 Weeks............... OMG, See it just shows how everyone is different lol. I so hope that don't happen to me lol x

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Lol yh it really got my hopes up lol x


I had mine 2 weeks before having my little boy, you can get every sign tht ur little one is on the way or u can have no signs, its one big waiting game tht can be at times a very painful wait but will b worth it x


I Had a show then a couple of hours later I started contractions but like the other Ladies have said it can be weeks the show shows things are happening and ur cervix has opened fingers crossed it is the start and continues x

Also thing is, it isnt just 'a plug' like i natively thought, there is crap loads of the stuff and can take days for it all to come out!! Sorry :-( x

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Very true.....mine took forever to actually all come out! Yuck! :O

Thanks ladies! So I lost my plug this morning and have had a lot more bloody mucus throughout the day. Had my sweep at 2pm today and contractions started about 5pm. Have been having them every 8-9 minutes for the last 3 hours and they last anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute apart! Hope it's the real deal, fingers crossed :)

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Oooh good luck!!! x

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Sounds very good! Good luck, I hope it keeps up x


Woohoo exciting go girl x

Sounds promising! Hope won't be too long til you are cuddling your baby girl good luck xx

So the mucus plug and the show are 2 different things like you said. The mucus plug can go a long time before labour but the show (with blood) means your cervix has started to dilate, it can still take time before things get going but the show is more of a sign that labour is imminent than the mucus plug. I hope this helps, good luck!

Xiting stuff let us know how u get on hopefully ur little one will b here soon :)

My 3rd baby I had a show a month before labour started. It was a very long wait as a show usually means not far to go so was up and down with excitement and anticipation. Try to relax is my advice due to every pregnancy being different it's impossible to predict these things.

Where's Hannah?? X

I've been wondering that! Hoping no news is good news. That she's been in hosp, had a lovely healthy baby and just hasn't got round to posting yet x

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