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Midwife and scan 8+3

I have my midwife appointment tomorrow for the usual health checks, medical history etc however I have also received my dating scan for Thursday!! Is this not far too early and would they actually see anything? I did get told when I had my son 5 years ago I would probably be high risk because of his weight and my health - I also had to have a Emergency section.

Any others experience greatly received - thank you

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Hi hun If I was you id tell midwife at booking appt today as usually dating scan is at around 12wks it might have been sent out so early in error lol xx

Congratulations on your pregnancy xx


I would spk to midwife as I had scan at 9 weeks due to pains n it just a blob on screen my datin scan was at 11wks they asked me to come back week later for another 1 and wat a difference a week made in pic so I think as far as dating scans go it b waste of time n u have to go bk again but u may want to go see it but b aware u may get there n realise n ask u to re book


when I had to have an emergency scan at 8wks due to bleeding the scan looked like a bouncing peanut shell. There is something there to see but very little can be deduced from it, they just looked for a heartbeat and pointed it out to us. If the scan is definitely for dating, u will need to go back again between 11wk and 13+5wk. It could be an early preg scan as u were a high risk case before xx


Hi all, thank you all for your replies I did think that not much would be seen - hopefully I get another scan closer to the 12 week mark xx


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