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Not much movement today should i call anyone?

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Hi everyone - i am probably being a bit OTT paranoid but wanted some opinions please? I am 31+6 and haven't felt any movements since yesterday early evening. The movements i normally get are quite gentle anyway as opposed to jabbing or kicking. And today I have a very mild period pain which is new. I just feel a bit different. Not sure if it's anything to be concerned about or if its the danger of watching that bloody midwives programme and being super concerned about every little twinge now!! any advice please - should i be concerned and if so who would be best to call?

Thanks guys

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Its so difficult to stop yourself from worrying when you haven't felt any movement from baby in a couple of hours

But I'd go with your gut feelings on this one.

I didn't catch how far along in the pregnancy you are?

I hate to ask the "obvious" but have you tried doing things like drinking cold water or eating something spicy.


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31+6 Abenaa

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Straight afrer I replied I noticed the text saying 31+

( case of baby brains)

Sorry :-)


Hey, have you tried stimulate the baby, lay on left side and drink ice cold drink and then wait 30 mins? Or play music to belly? Give baby a nudge from outside? You know your body and your baby so trust your instinct, if your still worried telephone the Antinatal Day Unit at the hospital and they may ask you to go down for foetal monitoring if the tricks don't work Xx

There is no harm in being looked over. I suggest you call your midwife unit, the number should be on your notes, and explain the situation. They are very understanding and it will give you huge piece of mind. Sometimes baby's have quieter days especially when there's not much room left to swing cats! Stress and worry definitely won't be doing you any good, so go and get checked! Good luck I hope this helps :)

If u haven't felt ur 10 kicks ina day then u always need to go in and get checked over they will pop u on the ctg machine to monitor baby's heartbeat. .. if u rang them they would tell u to go in always best to get checked out x ring maternity triage dept at ur hospital of u haven't got one just ring ur maternity dept and tell them they will put u thru to relevant dept let us know how u get on they usually wake up and are active when ur on the monitor all the best x

Thanks guys. Unfortunately i'm at work so can't really do many of the things that have been suggested. I am trying to drink cold water but it's not that cold and i can't lie down or have spicy food today as only got boring ham sandwich for lunch!!! Will try these when i get home and if still concerned will def phone in. Thanks again. you guys are great!

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I'd Ring them now so they can expect u when u go down.. they will take ur details so when u walk in they will be ready for u. ..u notice movements more when ur concentrating. .. I'd still go down hun don't forget ur notes x

I agree with babymother ring now in advance so they can be ready for you if you do need to go up but defiantly try those things the other mums have suggested xx

Thanks again guys. I did ring but was asked to call back later by which time I'd got home and had some ice cold water and a lie down and hey presto baby Robson started wriggling around. I will keep a close eye over next couple of days cos there has def not been the movement I've been used to but maybe he/she was just having a lazy day! Thanks again for your support. :-)

That's good to hear, as mentioned about you should get about 10 movements a day. I never clocked mine as baby was pretty active so I never had cause for concern but I would prob say I would expect something every few hours. :)

Great news :) these baby's like to give us little frights now and again by being lazy lol x

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