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When am i going to start enjoying this pregnancy???????? Very sad :-((((

I'm 14 wks and 2 days and have had horrible nausea since about week 5. I'm so fed up with it! We had the first scan and it was so exciting but i just really want to start enjoying the pregnancy now. Whenever someone asks how i feel all i keep saying is 'Rough'. I'm not sleeping well, keep getting headaches, everything smells horrible and i'm my appetite is totally random. I'm sure my husband must be fed up with the sorry mess that just lays on the sofa every nite! I'm sorry to moan but surely i should feel better soon! Any help or advice greatly welcomed

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Firstly, don't be so hard on yourself. Lots of us on here do nothing but moan about aches and pain or our men OR anything lol.... you are now in the second trimester so you should start feeling better soon enough. However I don't want to lead you up the garden path, some women suffer for all their pregnancy!!

Me I am dog rough in the 1st, great in the 2nd and dog rough again in the 3rd.

On a positive note you are in the right place to come and moan to other mums x Hope you feel a bit better soon x



Just like the last response said, try not to be hard on yourself,

Im now "carrying" my 2nd pregnancy & I still feel sick on & off at 33+wks but when I think of the end result I just find a way to keep my head up & get on with it..

You're definitely in the right place to have a moan. anytime you feel like it as some of us "like me" have nothing to do most days as Im unemployed. LOL! :)


Hey, hang in there, I also felt horrible until about halfway through my 2nd trimester, and felt really bad that I wasn't enjoying it and couldn't say much positive when people asked how I was. The fact is, it's normal and with all the changes your body goes through in pregnancy it's not surprising that you feel tired and out of sorts. Try to relax and go with what your body says it needs. I don't know your husband (obviously!) but I think most partners and husbands want to be supportive and understanding, even though they can't really imagine what it's like! xx

PS: I don't know if this will help you, but I also couldn't stand the smell of things when I was pregnant - I found that avoiding products with artificial fragrance (parfum) in and going for unscented / naturally scented products instead really helped, at least with my bathroom routine!


I have already sabotaged the battery powered air freshener in the loo at work ;-) !!!!


U are not alone! It's horrible the first trimester u just feel ill all the time! But U will start to feel better. .. then the last stretch u struggle as u get bigger. ..even though I love being pregnant I dont love the toll it takes on my body! :)


Ditto - I usually improve at about 16 wks and although with this one I still have an occasional bit of nausea (20wks now) I am so much better. On a positive note I have never found the last trimester a grind up until the last two or three weeks so maybe suffering longer at the start has a bright side!


I am almost 10 weeks and feel so the same as you...every day is just a huge struggle and can totally sympathise with all you have said. This is my Fourth pregnancy and unfortunately I know for me it is unlikely to get much better than this until baby is boy do I have a long way to go. BUT....and a big but, it is all so worth it in the end. I can honestly say I have never really enjoyed any of my pregnancies however much I have wanted too, bits are scans, first movements but the rest is hard. But I am doing it for the fourth time so either I am totally insane(which is possible) or I have got over it each time and the 9 months of feeling awful is so worth it when you hold your baby. Chances are you will start feeling better soon...most people do between 12 and 16 weeks. Good luck and don't be too hard on yourself xxxx


You are not alone! I have felt horrendous through the whole pregnancy so far - now 23 weeks. I think the worst bit was reading pregnancy books that said how wonderful I would be feeling in the second trimester - wanted to scream at them! It almost made me feel guilty that I wasn't having this wonderful, earth mother experience. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to be pregnant, and can't wait to meet my little man, but the pregnancy part of it has just sucked! "It's such a special time" - my arse it is! (I know it is for some people... and even I have had my moments, like the 20 week scan). Just don't want you to feel guilty because you're struggling and feeling awful.

Of course, it does get better for most people during the second semester, so I do hope that's the case for you. In the meantime, hang in there! And this forum is the perfect place to vent :o)


Ladies - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I got all teary reading your replies. You have all made me feel better (emotionally if not physically!). People can be quite hutful with theor reactions when you say you're still not feeling 'mother earth euphoric', i even had someone sneer at me when i said my morning sickness was in the evenings! . Everyone becomes an expert all of a sudden don't they! I think i'm finding it hard as usually i'm such an active person - gardening, dog walking, pottering about etc and now i'm happiest on the sofa in my pyjamas staying still! So nice to be able to talk to you all xxxxxxxxxxxx


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