How to tell when your waters are leaking?

Hi ladies, bit of TMI going on so hope I'm not putting anyone off their dinner. Had a very stressful weekend getting ready to move to other end of country & being doing a fair bit about the house & 37 weeks now, just noticed I have a lot of liquid discharge almost like water, soaking my underwear, if I wear a panty liner it doesn't go the whole way through but seems a lot. Just worried my waters leaking, prob being paranoid but how can you tell? Thanks x


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  • Apparently ur waters are a straw colour but doesnt smell of wee obviously how long do u have a panty liner on before it becomes wet. .. it doesn't always gush out in bits it can be a slow trickle that u can hardly notice if ur worried get it checked out ur at the time when baby can come and if ur waters have gone then there is a risk of infection x

  • With my first baby my waters were leaking from 34weeks (had her at 39weeks) what I can remember it felt like the dampness you get when your on your period (sorry tmi) but its scentless and almost clear, slightly yellow!! I definitely advice getting checked due mainly to the risk of infection, theres a test they can do now (wasnt available when i had my daughter) thats just like having a internal swob taken and you'l know one way or another within mins! Better to be safe than sorry xx

  • Keep an eye on it and try to take it a little easier, (not so simple when moving home) if it don't stop I would say get it checked out in the morning :-) x

  • Thanks ladies, I think I will get it checked out tomorrow just to make myself feel better x

  • I would call your maternity assessment.

    My waters were very pale pink & when I stood up it was like I was peeing, but without the sensation.

    I was also told to keep the towels / panty liners I wore for the midwifes to see.

    I put mine in a nappy bag to take to hospital.

    Hope all goes well x

  • Thats what mine was doing at 31 weeks. I had a panty liner on and it shriveled mine up there was that much. I just thought my bladder was leaking. Go and get it checked incase it is your waters. If it is they will probably give you antibiotics for infection or as you are 37 weeks they might induce you. I went into labour at 32 weeks as mine had gone.

  • yep defo sounds like your waters are leaking,mine were light pink and I too took mine with me in a nappy bag,keep your eye on the colour as if brownish it may be contain meconium[baby poo]which is dangerous for baby,if I were you I would sleep on it tonight and go to mat asses unit in the morning,more then likely if it is your waters as you are 37+ weeks they will induce you,good luck,best wishes xx

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