What's going to happen to my piercing?

Like a lot of people, I got my belly button pierced when I was a teenager.

I'm now 34 and 24wks pregnant.

Havent worn any jewellery in my belly button for about 10years but the hole is still open...and the bigger my belly gets, the longer and more taught the little channel of skin is getting :/

I can't bear my belly button being touched, never have, but my innie becoming an outie is starting to become sensitive. This combined with stretched belly button piercing has got me thinking: is the little channel of skin going to eventually split? If not, will it just stretch to buggery and after I give birth remain like a 'flappy loop' when the rest of my belly has returned to normal-ish. Bit worried my belly button is going to look like the earlobes of those people who have ear stretchers in...and then take them out! :S

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  • I had mine pierced for years, took it out mid way during pregnancy and shortly after giving birth it went to a stretched out purpley piece of skin. It's now 5 months since I gave birth and its starting to go back to normal as I lose the weight! I used a cussons mum&me stretch mark fader on all over my belly for a few weeks after giving birth so wether this helped or not I'm not sure but worth a try x

  • I'll look forward to it turning purple! ;)

    Thanks for the reassurance though. I was looking at it the other day and wondering ifit was just going to split in two, or whether it would cope with the stretching. It seems ok at the moment....just looks odd. And I really like the Mum & Me range :)

  • I had mine pierced when I was in my teens also. Had my first child 9 yrs ago & belly button went back to normal & was able to put back in after. I didnt use any creams or oils. Now expecting my 2nd but don't know if I will put it back it in as feeling too old now lol xxx

  • This is why I don't wear it anymore! At 34 I'm not overly interested in getting my belly out on a regular basis! ;) ...The little bit of skin is another thing that amuses my husband: ''I bet you wish you hadnt got that done now''. Yes...thankyou....helpful ;)

  • Ha ha I'm 36 & my husband hates the fact I had mine pierced but hey ho xx

  • The next time he mentions it I might pretend to consider clipping off the band of skin with some nail scissors...THAT'LL shut him up! ;)

  • Ooh a bit drastic, there could be worse places to have pierced tho

  • Don't worry, Im just kidding ;)

    ...And you're right about 'other' places! No thanks!

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