Hello everyone:)

I'm 26 weeks today hurray not long left!

As this is my first pregnancy and I'm suffering badly with spd I have been given exercises and a tube grip n I have got a spd belt to, but I am finding that these are not helping and I'm struggling :( does anybody know anything to relief pain as I'm due to restart my final year at university at the end of the month :)

Thanks xxx

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Oh bless u

Having to deal with SPD at a time like this has got to be horrible

But unfortunetely this is a question only your CMV or G.P can answer im afraid "sorry" :-(

My best advise is "im guessing its an consultant or your G.P" who has giving you the exercise equipment & etc.... so contact him / her of a possible different method perhaps.



Thank you yeah I think I will be as its terrible xx


Ohhh i Feel your pain. ..I don't have it all the time but walking makes it worse I walk slowly now! and for some reason sometimes laying down on my bed and sofa... it is unpredictable but I think rest def helps. .. no lifting heavy things like hoover ..bags of shopping, have they told u to worn on ur core muscles? I've Been given exercises to do to help strengthen them it's a good one but gives me cramp in my calfs so can't do it properly I think u have to work out what makes it worse and avoid things that make it worse hope u get thru uni ok x


Yeah walking makes it worse nd driving does aswell... I find that lying down can make it work I just recently brought a bolster pillow n I sleep with an extra duvet underneath to cushion my pelvis.. Yeah I've been given a booklet with lots of excerses in but I can only do it when my pelvis isn't painful... Xxx


Hi, I had it with my last pregnancy 4 years ago, I'm 4 weeks pregnant now and pray it wont happen again this time around, however, I found this article which I think helps with a lot of information;

There's also a dedicated professional website for it found on this link;

Hope this helps xx


Hey, I started to get inner thigh pain around wk 32 and then started to suffer with SPD/Pelvic Girdle once the baby had dropped so a little later in the pregnancy then you. I put it down to the body starting to make way for birth. It all got so bad that I take paracetamol 4x a day (which just takes the edge off)

I am nearly 40 wks now and I am pretty much house bound, sometimes it kills just getting from sofa to bathroom. Rolling over in bed OMG you should hear the clunks n the clicks. I been using a dream genie pillow and sleep exclusively on my left.

I've had no exercises to do, it all came a bit late in the day for me do I just googled for info and spoke with friends who understood the symptoms.

I have now DAYS to go hopefully and I cannot wait to say goodbye to the pain in my leg!! :) xx


Hopefully it won't come back mama :) fingers crossed and thankfully ill def have a look on there.

Cheeky monkey

Well thankfully it's towards the end and its not for long.. I'm almost at that point but hoping i can get thru the first half of my uni year.. I have found that laying on a duvet has helped it at night.. I'm just suffering with not being able to sleep a lot at the min xx


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