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So my results of my mini GTT were borderline! Finger stamp thingy for me it is then!

So gestational diabetes has been confirmed. I was assured that there is nothing to worry about as long as i keep an eye on my blood sugar. Ive to see a dietician on thursday, and take it from there! *sigh* Feel exhausted just thinking about it all! Im 33 weeks down on thursday, has anyone else been diagnosed that late? This wouldnt have even been an issue for me if i didnt have a 32 week scan to check the placenta. Oh well, feeling irritated and moody today! Thinking "can i eat that??, how about that?" *sigh*

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So it wasn't picked up with ur urine? ?? What Did they find with ur placenta then? At Least u haven't got long to go. . And Ur have extra checks now won't u but not what u need in ur final little stretch! Did They say baby is bigger? X


Yeah, i had a scan on Friday to see if my placenta had risen since my 20 week scan, which it had, but his abdominal circumference was measuring large. And i done my test today which confirmed it. And no, nothing picked up in my urine! Im gonna be going crazy for chocolate by the time baby arrives! And yeah, thank god its nearly over. Not what i need, but he's worth it :)


Really sorry to hear this, I can imagine how frustrating it must be, especially that it didn't show in your urine tests. But as babymother said you don't have long to go so try and stay positive and rest up for the last few weeks.

Just a bit of a suggestion and hope you don't mind, why don't you try having a bit of good quality dark chocolate, 2 small ps (the 75% or more of dark chocolate is the best) it doesnt taste as good and yummy as normal chocolate but it has been proven that it helps with sugar cravings though remember it the higher the % of dark chocolate is it contains more caffein. Just a thought :-)

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Well im not doing too badly atm, even though its my first day. My blood sugar has reduced in the three home tests ive done since this morning, but tomorrow is my first full day so lets see what that brings...and i think i might have to buy a good quality dark chocolate. just to have a square or two wen im feeling weak lol. Ive had a chance to relax and think about things, and it could be a lot worse. Feeling a lot more positive about things, as long as i keep an eye on what im eating! and portion control! Baby and i should be fine!!! :)


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