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A little bit of prettiness


As pregnancy isnt the most glamorous of things and specially when u hav given birth ur probably not gonna feel tht great but hav just come across a site tht sells cute nursing bras and they dont look like something ur grandma wud wear...I hav just ordered one, in a pink colour with some nice pattern on . Apparently I am in good company as Angelina jolie and beyonce have said they used this site...its called bravado and has some lovely things...the one I bought cost £20 which I don't think is unreasonable. ...at least some part of my body might look relatively alright after. Check it out ladies...

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Check out Lorna Drew too, they do some beautiful nursing bits but is a bit pricey. Apparently Kate Middleton has a set, I do love a celeb fan ;-)

Pretty little touches make such a difference x

God! At the moment I would kill for comfortable, yet alone pretty! Nursing bras are just not made for big boobed girls :-(. The best one I have so far is a Freya one. But even that's not prefect! When my milk came in I went from my usual 30G to a 32J!! :-/. My back longs for underwire!! :-p

gigglysheep in reply to DrFluffy

i agree, i dread having to get rid of my underwire and am holding on as long as possible. I'm a 36E at the moment, think i may need another size by time give birth.


I didnt look how big they go but the list was long and I will b honest at 24 image is quite important to me so just thought if I gotta get them out in public best to do it with something nice on.

DrFluffy in reply to Hidden

Haha!! :-)


You voluptuous ladies will probably tell me to be careful what I wish for! But God I miss my pregnancy boobs!! Went from a small B to a D! Now shrivled back! :( gonna need some serious padding for my wedding dress or I'm gonna look like a 12 year old in a wedding dress! :(

Hey, Have you found some good sites for nursing tops....all I find is 'frumpy' and 'old fashioned' and getting increasing frustrated by the lack of stylist post natal wardrobe (pre-natal was bad enough wearing the same stuff week in week out as reluctant to waste money - I brought usual size in most but went for loose fit with stretch to save cash) Xx

I found one M&P top I liked and may have bought it in long sleeve and short sleeve in 4 different colours :-/

Get a good nursing bib, Bebe au Lait ones are great, then you can get away with normal tops, so long as they are baggy enough to lift up or stretchy enough to pull down! Xx

It's this one:


As well as tying at the front, you can wrap it round your bust and tie it at the back!


Thanks, I'll take a look :) X

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