Anyone else having problems with insomnia?

Its 2:20am now, will go to bed once ive wrote this, but i already laid in bed for an hour with no luck earlier. This is me most nights. Im 32 weeks as of today (thursday) and im feeling rather excited with it all. I know i need as much rest as i can get but if i cant sleep, theres not much i can do. I can usually go to sleep when i go to bed about now but i cant keep doing this surely. Then once i get to sleep, its waking up at regular intervals for a pee or because baby is break dancing in there! Im just glad i dont have work to go to anymore as i used to do the early 6am starts. Does this sound like anyone else?


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30 Replies

  • Not exactly insomnia, but I am the owner of one Very Hungry Catepillar! My sleep pattern went to pot in my last trimester - think it's natures way of preparing you for breast feeding!!!

    Hope you manage to drift off! Xx

  • I have heard that from a few people "its all practice!". As u can tell im still awake, had to get up and eat a banana and some fruity bread lol hopeful i get a couple of hours before my health visitors app. today!

  • Well I was up when you originally posted this but thought I should try to sleep. I do manage to actually go to sleep, I just wake up constantly. Look at the clock and cannot believe I've only been in bed an hour or two. I either then manage to go back to sleep or end up awake for a couple of hours. Either way, I feel like I haven't sleep as it's never deep and result sleep, I'm aware of everything all the time and feel like I've slept all night to find out only an hour has passed!!! It's 4.15 and I'm up again. So uncomfortable and covered in a rash all over which I wake up scratching as well. And leg cramps have decided to make a return the last 5 nights or so.....bizarre. x

  • I hate that feeling, where u think uve had a good few hours and like an hour has passed. Had that a lot myself recently. My legs keep going funny too! I haven't actually had a wink tonight so far! The other half is due to get up in 5 mins so will get the bed to myself soon enough :D then up at 8:30 for my first health visitor app. at 10, hopefully we get a full nights sleep sooner rather than later x

  • Yes I've got the bed to myself now too! Diagonal laying all the way lol x

  • I couldn't sleep properly in my third trimester, if I didn't need the loo, I couldn't get comfy, if I finally got comfy, I started thinking and being wide awake, then I needed loo again etc etc

    Now I'm BF and wondering if I ever get 4 hours uninterrupted sleep again! ;-) Try and sleep daytime if u can - I know you can't 'sleep in advance' but nonetheless it's a nice feeling being able to.. ;)

  • Sleep is for the weak..! ;-p

  • At least at this stage you have a cute little baby to look at when you're up....I've got my giant boyfriend. It's really not the same thing ;-) haha x

  • The state of my LOs nappy at 4am was anything but 'cute' ;-p

    Quite where all the poo comes from I will never know, as I'm sure it's way in excess of the capacity of his GI tract!!

  • Haha! Still preferable in my eyes! Looool!

  • Haha!

  • Hehehe

  • Wac from 4.30am just want to go back sleep but listening to the world waking up!

  • MORNING!! Went to bed at 11, up at 00.30, 02.00 (pain relief time), 05.00 then OH up for work so sat in bed with a decaf in the hope that will get another tired wave but don't think that's going to happen, not for sometime at least.

    I quit work at 34 weeks when sleeping pattern was just ok, but in last few weeks I can pretty much predict when I will be awake.

    My MW said yesterday that she doesn't believe in the 'prep' time she says we need our rest & plenty of time to prep once the baby arrives.

    I think if I wasn't in constant pain with SPD then I might sleep a little longer but when your stuck in 1 position until you make a conscious effort to move you have to wake and its normal for a peanut bladder too.

    Am 38 weeks Hun, am sorry to say it doesn't get any better, rest when your body tells you too cause you'll be power napping when the baby comes xx

  • And.....I'm back lol. Every two bloody hours and that's the good 'sleep' if that's what you can call all the tossing and turning, scratching and weird dreams lol!!

  • Dreams what are they? Never asleep long enough to create one. Can't remember the last time I had a dream x

  • I don't need long, I can sleep for about 3 mins and have a dream. My brain doesn't switch off :-)

  • I can snore whilst laying on my side still awake lol...I lost the plot laughing at this last night and then did the biggest body jerk, big enough to elevate am sure and take my BF out with my right leg. He was not amused! But bedtime is not my friend so I had to laugh, recon am

    Delusional as well lol Xx

  • Well that's a special talent right there!! xx

  • I woke up at about 2 to be ill then just lay there for few hours and fell bk asleep bout 4. I will nap later...sleeping on the sofa is much comfier I hav come to realise. And yes with my boyfriend being 6ft5 he takes up too much space so sleeping in bed is tough when its just me let alone being 1 week away from popping.

  • Are you having a giant baby as well? Xx

  • Feels like they haven't said he is a giant and havent been sent for any growth scans so tht probably means he will b huge lol.

  • I don't think my baby has measured particularly big either but certainly feels it! All I get told is "well that's a good size baby in there"...whatever that means lol and "well you're stretched to capacity now. Baby really needs to come out now"...which is reassuring im sure youll agree lol. The longer they stay in there the worse it'll get! Due date today and no sign of the baby so going overdue is a done deal for me now!

  • I can imagine he will be long so most of the outifts that I have got are footless so I can make the most of them lol. yeh when I saw the midwife on tues when my blood pressure was real high she said go to the day unit to be monitored and she said they will probs keep u as ur fully cooked...they obv didn't keep me as thankfully it went down after them taking my blood pressure every 10 mins for an hour and taking the avergage but my bump is quite small in comparison to many people but I know tht means nothing lol x

  • Lol it's so hard to tell til they arrive!! I was bought some newborn bits but I can see myself keeping those for the next one as I think this one will probably be too tall also. My bf is also 6ft5......why do we do it to ourselves lol! x

  • I haven't bought any newborn as couldn't bare to spend money for what could be a few weeks wear. if people wana buy it for me then fine but least its not my money. lol I kno...useful at times tho lol x

  • Primarni for the basics - I got 5 vests and 3 sleep suits for about £12, to make sure we had stuff for our hospital bag. He still just about fits them at 7 weeks (daddy is 6ft 4in)... He's getting really long though, so clothes length is going to be our problem - and baggy trousers not staying up #skinnybean

  • Well ladies, I've enjoyed reading ur responses and take comfort in the fact im not alone! I've been cat napping all day, in between reading everyone's responses. Body is telling me its nap time again! Bet i won't sleep tonight! Night night! :)

  • Every hour tonight. Been on

    sofa so's not to disturb OH. This is exhausting, so much for concerving energy for labour! :( Going to try bed again soon as hes now up for work Xx

  • Haha! Loved looking back on this post! Managing to sleep better this time round, maybe having a toddler has something to do with it...

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