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Sickness bug or food poisoning or something completely different??

Hi I've had a really good pregnancy so far I'm 24 weeks now and have had no sickness or any of the other symptoms.

I had a roast dinner yesterday and some boiled egg and tomato sandwiches last night, went to bed feeling ok. Got up this morning and had diarrhoea and then I was sick. I have felt washed out all day and slept a lot. I've managed a bit of toast this evening but scared to eat now just in case I'm Ill again, I'm keeping hydrated though.

I'm due to see MW on Wednesday but don't know if I should see my GP tmrw or not??

Anyone had the same or similar ?? Thanks

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Pregnancy can sometimes have weird & adverse reactions to certain things we would usually have no problem with.

I'd personally go with your "gut" feelings on this one. I sometimes get a bit of a "upset tummy" whenever i try to eat some spicy foods these days ( 29+3 wks), but not sick or anything.



Thanks I will ride it out and maybe try and eat later as I am getting hungry and I know the baby needs the nutrients xxx



Best thing to do is eat maybe a small portion 1st & then see how you feel.



I get this a fair bit and have to have days of eating very plain food and quite little, used to love food but the list of foods I cant eat in the evenings is growing and I cant face seeing it in the loo the nxt morning. Maybe hav something simple. ..toast or some fruit...get a gd sleep and start again tomorrow. X


Glad to know its not only me!!

I have just tried to have a salad but really just pushed it around the plate and didn't eat hardly any of it.

I've done so well this far I really don't want to wake up to being that poorly every morning!!

I will see what tmrw brings, thanks anyway xx


I kno its horrible I am 38+3 and have been sick every day since February so I envy u not being ill. X


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