Potty Problems!!!

Can anyone help? my 3 year old has been out of nappies through the day for almost a year but will not do a poo on the toilet. She will scream until i put a nappy on her when she needs to go. She starts nursery in a few days and im worrying about what will happen if she needs a poo whilst shes there. So far the advice the health visitor has given us hasnt helped. Has anyone experienced the same and how did you help you child overcome thier fears?

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  • This Is a hard one....I have had a few friends go thru this have u tried telling her that all the other girls will be doing a poo in the toilets at nurseryand she needs to so she can use the toilets at nursery like all the other girls or if she is really looking forward to going say they won't let u go unless u do a poo on the toilet and then say she can get a treat if she does it

  • Ive tried telling her all the big girls at nursery will.be using the toilet, she just says she doesnt want to be a big girl haha. hope that when she goes to nursery she will realise that everyone uses the toilet. were going to get wee treats and wrap them n tell her if she uses the toilet she can open one to try spur her on

  • Don't They make u laugh! Ha ha is like damn they know the bribe system already! Yeah Maybe ur just have to let her see and maybe she will come round good luck :)

  • Think bribing is the way forward! A sticker chart, and for every 5 stickers she gets a small gift, or treat such as the park or feeding ducks etc... Good luck. XxX

  • Take her and get her to choose some pretty stickers and when shes good I.e uses the toilet for number 2 she can have a sticker and if she has so many a week she can choose a treat from a list that you compose together I.e swimming, so u still hav control but she is involved.

  • Hii had the same problem with my little girl who will be 4 in November at first we had to give her movieco to help her go as she had trouble and then she had a fear of pooing on toilet so My health visitor advisef on a reward chart and everytime she went fir a poo she got to put s star sticker on and a unhappy face if she didnt and at the end of the month if she had at least 21 stars she was able to get a reward now we have no problem and we have changed the reward chart into a one were she helps out around the house and with her new baby brother

  • thanks everyone..she is.on movicol as she has problems going and still only goes every couple of days. i think the sticker chart and rewards is the way to go so will start that and see how we get on !

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