no movement at a time baby is normally really active, worried

I'm 17weeks gone and I have felt some really strong movements (normally waking me at 5:30am and continuing for an hour or so). This morning however, there has been nothing. Ive tried the cold water treatment, a hot drink, a brisk walk to town to catch the bus for work and nothing seems to have worked. really worried. Midwife not open for calls until 9am so will call then. Anyone got any suggestions or reassurances? :(

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My baby did this to me a couple of days ago. I'm near the end now so movement is really obvious and strong. Then that day, barely a thing. Perhaps at one point a foot dragged across me.....slowly. told the midwife as I had an appointment that day, she tried to get baby to move and nothing. Sent me to hospital for monitoring. Monitors on, it's about 6 in the evening and then bam! Karate kid is back. Talk about give mummy a scare

...and look like a liar haha! Some days they can just have a slow day. Or perhaps moved at a different time and you were in a deeper sleep so less aware. Def call your midwife as its always best to check. But try not to panic. They play games with us sometimes

thank you, thats what ive been reading on other sites. I'm a little calmer now. its like instinct kicks in and u feel theres something wrong and ur on end like a meerkat with pricked ears trying to sense something to know all is well and safe. This baby has been a little imp and given the sonographers and midwife the runaround. Now he/she has found a new game apparently

Lol. They don't wana make it too easy for us. Testing us for parenthood lol

turns out baby was playing hide n go seek. went to the drop in clinic and the midwife listened in for the heartbeat. took her ages to find babs but eventually we located a really strong heartbeat and after feeling my tummy, the growth of baby is on track. Worry over nothing but so glad i went as im so relieved :)

Good stuff. Knew baby would be playing games! Glad it's all sorted for you

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