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Gestational diabetes - what to expect

Hi all

I am 38 +2 and have insulin depenedent gestational diabetes. Between consultants and midwives I am getting very confused as what to expect during and after labour.

Has anyone got any experiences they can share? How long did they keep you in for after the birth?

Feeling like I'm just part of a conveyor belt system!

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U should see a specialist midwife who should go through all the stuff with u if u need to know more info then ring up and say u have some concerns and u don't know what to expect and feel confused. ..I thought they induced u and this time if little one gets too big. . But After if everything is ok with u and baby ie blood sugars then I wouldn't of thought they kept u in longer than a day.. but just give them a call not nice not knowing what is going on x


I don't have direct experience but I can tell you about a friend of mine who developed gestational diabetes. Basically she was given advice on how to modify her diet and monitor her blood glucose levels up to the birth. She was monitored regularly at the hospital by an endocrinologist and an obstetrician. Other than that everything else was normal. Of course you should get vocal with the people at your hospital and demand to get some answers. In the meantime here is some information (also contains a link to a site where doctors give you answers online):


Thanks all, appt at the hospital this morning so I am going to try and get some answers. Xx


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