16 weeks and still no sign of a bump?

Hello ladies, I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy, my build is naturally very slim/skinny but my bump hasn't begun to show yet at all :( I've had two scans and the baby is healthy and growing but why don't I have a bump yet, I don't look pregnant at all! Was really looking forward to having a little bump to show off :( X

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Hey Jusnaa,

I know exactly want you mean as im 18 weeks and 3 days and ive hardly got a bump yet! I just look like im putting on weight i think, whereas others say im starting to look pregnant. But i have to say im starting to show more.

I think everyone gets a belly quicker or later than others. For me ive been told a lot of people they havent started to show until around 20 weeks. So it might be around that time you'll be about to show off :)

Dont worry about it, everythings fine :)



i didnt get a bump till I was around 20 weeks and this is my first pregnancy too, I am now 37+5 and feel like a hippo so don't worry it will come. you will be surprised as it will just pop out of nowhere, but at about 16 weeks I felt fat rather than pregnant as I had put on weight but not enough to look pregnant but as you say u have had 2 scans and baby is healthy so that is all that matters. x

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I didn't look noticeably pregnant til 28 weeks! I thought I did, but looking back through photo's I definitely 'sprouted' between 27 and 28/40!


Hi ladies thanks for your responses! Made me feel a lot better as I thought I was the only one! I've got a few friends and relatives who are at the same stage of pregnancy as me and they look so much bigger! Glad to hear that it's normal and I should probably make the most of my slim figure now before I go big! Does anyone here use any stretch mark creams at all? I haven't invested in one yet as I didn't see the point but by the sounds of it I will probably be needing it soon! Xx


i knew a girl once who had a very slight frame and she looked like she was only 3months preg by the time she was ready to pop. It must be hard as no-one would believe how far gone you are.

I must admit, I've got a bump at 17 weeks and I dont feel like I look pregnant, I feel like I look fat which is totally irrational I know but it really gets me down at times. It is really confusing my fella as im usually the optimist and telling him to be upbeat lol.

The hormones must cause us all to go abit loopy over how our bodies are changing. I'm sure in a few weeks, ull look pregnant to the outside world. Surround urself with friends who will ooh and ahh over ur pregnancy tummy. I've found that helps a little bit even if the niggles remain xx


Yep like all the responses above. My bump only really started looking like a baby bump at about 20 weeks; I couldn't wait to look pregnant instead of looking like I'd been eating too many cream cakes (which I had lol) then suddenly at 24 weeks, people who didn't know I was pregnant were like 'Whoa, where did that come from?!?'

Now, I'm 27 weeks (today :)) and people are asking if I'm sure there is only one in there! Had a massive growth spurt in the last few weeks and put on about 10 kgs in total so far :( yes - far too many cream cakes :p x


I never started showing with my 3rd until I was about 21+weeks. Your waste line with expand and you will just feel a bit tubby for a few weeks then your baby will start gaining more weight.


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