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How much formula should my 6 week old be having?


My little girl will be 6 weeks on Monday and weighed 9lb 10oz last Thursday. She has been having 5oz of formula every 4 hours although over the last week she has only been getting to about 3 hours and then screams for a feed. When i feed her and stop to wind her she screams the place down and throws her head about like she is looking for her bottle and also does this at the end of the bottle. Is she looking for more milk, should I up her to 6oz or is that to much? I tried her on hungrier baby milk but it made her unwell.

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What number formula is she on?

cheeky1976 in reply to DrFluffy

She is on SMA 1 First Infant Milk

This is a good resource:

If she's on number 1, might be worth trying number 2 x

cheeky1976 in reply to DrFluffy

If number 2 is hungrier baby milk we tried it and she was very unwell on it

DrFluffy in reply to cheeky1976

In what way? It has a higher complex sugar load, so might be more colicy - and sometimes a little Colief can help...

cheeky1976 in reply to DrFluffy

She screamed the whole time she was awake and she was rigid in pain

Awww! It's so horrid watching your LO in distress :-(

I would have a word with your health visitor bout this and your gp. This happened to my first she kept lookibg for more and she was sick with number two cow and gate so hv advisef to change the milk I did to sma and she was fine. My son who is now 12 weeks is on cow and gate two and is fine with it wheen he was born I used the sma but he couldnt tolerate it so switched and he is fine and content

My wee by is 5weeks old and drinking 5 oz bottles every three hours. Sometimes only going 2 1/2 hours. I asked my health visitor about going from cow and gate one to cow and gate two but she said he was too young. It's hard to do anything or go anywhere when I'm working on a 2 1/2 hour to 3 hour window. His wee body can't physically cope with increasing the volume of fluid.

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