Itching alot!

Hi ladies, im 15 weeks and 1 day now, Just wondering how to ease/stop itching. For some reason my body just feels itchy like hell (especially my arms) i cream them after washing and it feels like i dont.

Ive had excema (spelt it wrong!) when i was a child and since then i havent had it. Could it be that its reoccurring again? I use a sensitive soap (simple) as my skin does get irritated, i stick to one perfume and cream everyday using dove. Any help/advice is much appreciated :) xx

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  • When I was 7 weeks I got a ridiculous rash all over my body. The itching was agony. Went docs for some cream but nothing helped and it went on its own. I know u didn't mention a rash, but I was told by my doctor that itching and rashes can be very common in pregnancy as your body is reacting to so much change and hormone surges. I had cool baths at the time as heat can make itching a lot worse. Otherwise there was not a lot I could do and it cleared after about a week and a half/two weeks. If concerned about anything or its prolonged, check with your doc....sometimes nice to be checked over and reassured :-)

  • Yeah i havent got no rash, just itchiness! Thanks 4 the advice! I have a midwifes appointment soon so ill let her know x

  • Hi,

    I believe the itchy-ness we get during pregnancy is just another one of those pregnancy perks "im afraid"

    Bearing in mind you don't get a widespread rash all in the itchy areas & beyond it usually some something we need to maintain.

    Im 25+ wks & since about week 20 of pregnancy I find it definitely has it moments.

    I just always keep in mind that once the baby is born it'll all calm down again.


  • I was going mad with itching and my partner bought me this cream in boots, think its coussons baby bump body lotion & it had this ingredient that is designed to help stop the itching, it worked amazing. I have to say I don't normally recommend buying products designed for pregnant as I think a lot of hype but no difference to ordinary stuff except price but this really worked. Mite be worth a shot, otherwise loose clothing & cool baths will help. Good luck x

  • Did they do a blood test to check your liver function? It is relevant especially if you feel sick or have developed a bit of jaundice. In the

    meaning calamine lotion and chamomile compresses can help you. Also cold shower. Check out

  • Hiya if your really itchy without a rash ask your midwife for a liver function test with bile acids, it COULD be a condition called obstetric choleastasis, dont worry or fret a simple blood test can tell them, however it is strongly believed you can't get OC before the third trimester this belief is wrong so insist on a blood test if it does confirm it don't research it on the Internet go to a website called they can give you all the information you need. I'm a 2 time ICP mum and on pregnancy no3 waiting for it all to start again. Xx

  • OC likely cause when itching is on palms and soles of feet

  • Not always the case, drs look for localised itching especially on hands and feet but the itching can be anywhere on the body, I suffered mainly on my arms, legs and face even inside my mouth and had severe OC, severe itching anywhere on the body during pregnancy should always be investigated with a blood test. Always better to be checked. Xx

  • Thsnks girls for your comments! They have been very helpful


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