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am i pregnant??

hi guys..

me and my partner have been trying for past few months for a little one and still no luck... 2-3months my period has been due on 22-23rd of every month.. last month i come on 28th and i always do it as 28th is always my latest due on... soooooo 29th today do i need to do a test now or wait a week or so and see if i come on??

any advise pleaseeee (:

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The good quality expensive home pregnancy tests can detect the hormone up to 4 days before your period is due. It is up to you to test now or not, if you can afford the clear blue tests then get one if you can't and have to use the cheaper ones then wait a few more days as I personally dont think they are as good.


thanks.. i will wait few more days i think just wanted some advise x


I agree with megzy the cheap tests are not so good as the clearblue digital or the firstresponse digita


You certainly have some will power waiting a few days... I'd just crack on and find out! Eek exctiting... Good luck! xx


They usually come as a two in a pack. Maybe one test today and one in a week? :-)


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